Pre-terminated Self-regulating Heat Cable De-icing Systems

Warmzone® pre-terminated self-regulating heat cable has proven to be an ideal solution for a variety of roof de-icing applications as well as pipe freeze protection and process temperature maintenance. The versatile heat cable features a standard power plug and is extremely effective and energy efficient, making it the most popular solution for roof, gutter trace, downspout heating and pipe tracing applications.

The pre-terminated de-icing cable offers homeowners a convenient means for preventing ice dams and dangerous icicles. The cable comes ready to plug in for easy use. To learn more about the many roof heating options available to you, call a roof de-icing expert today at 888.488.9276.

Pre-terminated Roof De-icing Heat Cable Systems

Pre-terminated self-regulating heat cable with standard and GFCI power plug

Warmzone’s pre-terminated 120 V, 6-watt self-regulating heat cable offers an affordable, convenient way to keep problem areas of your roof, gutters and downspouts free of snow and ice buildup. The pre-assembled ‘plug and play’ kits come with the option of a 6-foot standard or GFCI power plug. The de-icing cable is available in 50, 75, and 100-foot lengths.

Because the heat trace cable is self-regulating, when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance of the heat cable increases, so the consumption of electricity decreases, ensuring energy-efficient operation. This attribute also prevents the cable from overheating or burning out – even when it is touching or overlapping. Also, a thermostat may not be necessary in several types of applications because of the cable’s self-regulating characteristics.

Home with damaged roof gutter

The versatile single-point connection (pre-terminated) cable facilitates easy installation, and can be used for a wide range of industrial applications and environments, including hazardous, nonhazardous and corrosive environments. The termination, power connection, splice, tee and end seal kit (if needed) reduces installation time and requires no special skills or tools. The cable is proven effective in a variety of roof and gutter heat tracing applications, as well as pipe freeze protection.

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Pre-terminated Self-regulating Heat Cable Technical Data and Options

Self-regulating heat cable roof de-icing system
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Service Voltage: 110-120, 220-277V

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Maximum maintain or continuous exposure temperature (power on): +149°F (65°C)

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Maximum intermittent exposure temperature 1,000 hours (power on or off): +185°F (85°C)

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Minimum installation temperature: -40°F (-40°C)

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Protective braid resistance: ﹤18.2Ω/km

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Bus wire gauge: 16AWG

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Approvals: UL Listed; hazardous

Navigation bullet Min. Installation Temperature: 20 degrees (can use power pack to heat element if needed)

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Power Plug: 6-foot standard power plug or plug with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)

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Copper Braid: Tinned copper braid provides additional mechanical protection and a positive ground path.

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Flame retardant and Corrosion Protection Outer Jacket: Flame retardant thermoplastic outer jacket protects against certain inorganic chemical solutions, abrasions and impact damage.

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Pre-terminated Roof De-icing and Heat Trace Cable
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