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Hydronic Floor Heating

Because we work with the top radiant heat manufactures, Warmzone is able to offer the widest selection and highest quality of products at the best prices possible. Our experts will work with you and carefully evaluate your specific radiant heat needs to determine the best solution available while keeping within your budget.

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Tubing for hydronic floor heating system. Hydronic heated tile floor. Hydronic radiant floor heating.

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Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

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Warmzone Hydronic Floor Heating Systems

The first radiant floor heating systems were hydronic systems, which featured heated liquid that circulated under the surface of the floor. Hydronic heating was first used by ancient Chinese populations as well as the ancient Romans, but naturally, there have been significant developments in the technology since those early days.

As the initial technology behind heated floors, hydronic systems have been the most popular means of floor heating. However, the advancements and advantages of electric floor heating systems have made electric heated floors another popular option, both for interior and exterior applications.

There are several options when it comes to hydronic floor heating systems. Advanced, lightweight aluminum RAUPANELS™ have become the latest and most effective material for hydronic floor heating systems. Older technologies such as Infloorboard, and even concrete mass called Gypsum Concrete or "Gypcrete" are also not uncommon.

The RAUPANELS (aluminum) and Infloorboard (modular board) feature panels with readymade grooves for the PEX tubing, so rather than embedding the hot water tubing in the concrete slab, the PEX tubing is laid in the grooves of the pre-cut panels. RAUPANELS are typically recommended as the most effective hydronic underlayment system because of the aluminum's reflective properties and light weight.

The RAUPANEL floor heating system is designed to provide rapid response, optimal performance and ease of installation. This effective low-profile system is an excellent alternative to joist heating and poured thermal mass applications. The RAUPANEL system consists of 3/8" RAUPEX pipe, extruded aluminum panels for strength, and wood return bends. The aluminum panels offer high conductivity with a low profile and a low mass, and eliminate the need for structural reinforcement. RAUPANEL systems are easy to install, and require less job site preparation and installation time.

Warmzone offers different types of hydronic radiant heating systems. Our goal is to match your individual needs with the best system at the best price. We understand that there isn't a universal radiant heating system out there that is an ideal fit for every project, but there is an ideal system for every project. Because of our relationship with the top manufacturers, we are able to offer the widest selection of proven, top-quality radiant heat products at the lowest prices available.

Professional Mechanical Engineering and Design Services

As the preeminent mechanical engineering firm, Warmzone exceeds simple "design" services for radiant heat systems. After evaluating your radiant heat needs, our professional mechanical engineering staff will produce a comprehensive design of the system that is best suited for your needs.

Given Warmzone's extensive floor heating products, thermostats and controls, and expert mechanical engineering and design services, you can be assured that you will receive the most efficient and reliable hydronic floor heating system at the best price possible.

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