Boilers and Controls for Hydronic Floor Heating Systems

Choosing the right boiler and controls is critical because these components will directly influence the operational costs and effectiveness of a hydronic radiant floor heating system. Our job at Warmzone® is to understand your project requirements and goals and then engineer the best system, using the products that best serve your needs. Because of the direct relationship we have with our customers and manufacturers, you will always receive honest recommendations coupled with the best prices and selection in the industry.

To learn more about boilers and controls used for hydronic radiant heating systems, call Warmzone and speak with an expert today at 888-488-9276.

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Trusted Hydronic Floor Heating Solutions

Warmzone utilizes the most advanced and trusted controllers on the market for its hydronic floor heating (and snow melting) systems. OJ Electronics and tekmarNet® controls are known among building professionals across the globe, with both OJ and tekmarNet being considered as the gold standard manufacturers of hydronic radiant heat system controllers. Warmzone designers will custom design your system, using the best controls and components for your specific needs. We work with the best hydronic system engineers in the industry, and will work closely with you throughout the installation process and provide technical support for your installers if they need.

How Does the Hydronic Radiant Heating System Work?

Warmzone’s advanced controls coordinate all the devices in your hydronic floor heating system to provide a level of energy savings, comfort and convenience not possible with stand-alone controls. You also have the option to program your floor heating system so that you can efficiently heat your home according to your schedule.

Hydronic floor heating thermostat wiring center. Hydronic floor heating system overview. Hydronic floor heating system overview.
Hydronic Floor Heating Thermostats and Wiring Center Hydronic Heat - Boiler Controls Hydronic Heat Zone Controls
Notable FeaturestekmarNet hydronic floor heating system controller

Cooling groups provide a heat/cool interlock between thermostats.

The outdoor sensor enables the system control to anticipate the heating requirements for the building.

Thermostats communicate with the house control to improve comfort through indoor feedback.

One-touch adjustment of every thermostat is made possible with a user switch.

Simple schedules can be entered into a single timer and used by the entire system.

OJ Electronics floor heating system controller

There are several options when it comes to heating your home with a hydronic floor heating system. Warmzone designers and hydronic system engineers will work closely to create the ideal heating solution for your home or business. To consult with one of our floor heating experts, call Warmzone today, at 888-488-9276.

In addition to Warmzone's expertise and vast selection of custom floor heating systems and components, we offer unparalleled customer support services. These industry-leading services include free installation training, technical support for installers during the installation, and professional system design and engineering. We stand by our customers throughout the installation process and offer our decades of experience to help ensure that the system is installed correctly and the customer is satisfied. If you would like to know more about our design capabilities and support services, please call 888-488-9276 today.

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