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Radiant Floor Heat for Retrofit Applications


The RetroHeat floor heating system provides you with the means to enjoy radiant heated floors without having to tear out existing floors. If you can access the floor joists from below, you can install RetroHeat and supplement your home's heating system as well as increase the value of your home.


The RetroHeat heating element is effective for virtually all types of floors and is easy to install. The thin, lightweight "film" heating panel conveniently staples up between your floor joists, and then common batt insulation is installed over the heating panels to direct the heat upwards to efficiently warm the existing floor. The under floor radiant heat system is UL approved and carries a generous 10-year warranty.

Radiant heated hardwood floor. Installing a heated tile floor, using FloorHeat. Radiant heated tile floor.

Product Literature

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RetroHeat Radiant Floor Heating

RetroHeat radiant heating element can be stapled between floor joists.
RetroHeat radiant floor heating system is installed in the floor joists.

RetroHeat for All Types for Floor Surfaces

The RetroHeat floor heating system is one of the best values for installing radiant heat under any existing floor surface, including laminates, hardwood, and even carpet. So, if you have open access to the floor joists from below, you can add in-floor radiant heat to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room floors.


RetroHeat efficiently heats your existing floors and is relatively easy to install. When installing the system, the thin heating panels are cut to their proper length, then stapled between the floor joists. Heating panels are available for joists with 12-, 16-, and 24-inch spacing. (Measurements are taken from the center of one joist to the other, NOT the distance between the joists.) After stapling the heating panels up between the floor joists, the electrical connections are then made and common batt insulation is installed over the panels between the joists to efficiently direct the heat upwards to warm the floor.


The under floor heating system consists of the thin heating panels, connection materials, and an advanced digital thermostat that includes a 16-amp GFCI breaker and floor sensor for accurate programming.

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RetroHeat Install Information


RetroHeat features a very thin, lightweight, easy-to-install heating element.


RetroHeat is easy to use and energy efficient.


RetroHeat, when installed correctly (with insulation), is very efficient. The electrical power is directly transferred to heating the floor and is not wasted.


RetroHeat can be installed under almost any flooring, including: hardwood, tile, carpet, laminates, vinyl, and marble, etc.


RetroHeat is one of the top solutions for warming existing floors with radiant heat.

  Because RetroHeat is installed under the floor (between the joists), no floor buildup is necessary.

RetroHeat can be stapled and nailed through making installation much easier than other radiant floor heating system installs.