ComfortTile Heated floors
One of the Best for Customer Service

ComfortTile® Floor Heating (Heated kitchen and living room floors)

RICK M. - Homeowner


I would like to express my gratitude towards your organization. First of all my name is Rick M., and I live in Maine. I was doing a kitchen floor remodel and living room floor remodel. My wife and I decided to pull up carpet in living room and tile the kitchen. I decided to research “radiant heat“. I was at our local Home Depot store and they were all set in selling me their product, but I decided to research electric radiant floor heating on the internet first.

Thanks to the Internet I found places that gave me a lot of info. However, as I filled out your questionnaire at Warmzone I was pleasantly surprised at the response I got. Matt was extremely pleasant to deal with was extremely knowledgeable of your product, and if he did not know the answer he said so and got the answer I needed. After the purchase of your products (HeatShield floor heating insulation panel and ComfortTile heat cable for under tiles), I started my homeowner installation. I am very handy with my construction abilities. However, I never put in a radiant heat system. In short Matt was able to answer any questions I had come up with (and they were numerous) and keep me rolling along.

Not only was Matt very helpful and knowledgeable about the installation but when I had electrical question about the programmable thermostat, he had hooked me up with your electrical expert. He effortlessly had me program my thermostat and was working like a charm. My hat goes out to all at Warmzone for your great product and customer service. I feel that your company is one of the best for customer service!!! Thank you Warmzone for the great service.

Snow melting system installed in outdoor walkway and concrete steps.
I'd Definitely Recommend Warmzone to Friends

ClearZone® Snow Melting System (Pea gravel sidewalk and steps)

RICHARD P. - Homeowner

LOCATION: Connecticut

Last winter, after freezing rain solidified a bed of 3 inches of snow in December, we were stuck with 3 inches of solid ice on our entire property, making it extremely slippery and dangerous, the last of the ice melting in April! Walking from the car to our back door entrance was brutal, and being a weekend house, unloading our car and making a million trips back and forth with suitcases, food, etc. was very difficult. We needed a clear path so nobody would slip and get hurt.

Warmzone was very responsive to our needs, giving us a cost effective and simple solution. We are thrilled about the solution, as you can see in the photos, and Warmzone was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions, over and over again.

I would definitely recommend Warmzone to my friends. I’ve already begun showing off the new path to our neighbors, who look on with envy!

The installation process was recommended by Bryan at Warmzone and was simple; For the path we used a bed of crushed gravel, weed barrier, 1-inch of sand, then the heat cable mat, another inch of sand, and then 2-inches of pea gravel. For the steps and landing by the back door: Heat cable mat continued from the path up behind the step risers embedded within the mortar behind the stone facade, and then under the steps and landing flagstones within the mortar holding the stones in place.

Heated driveway installation
Your Electrical Support was Very Helpful

ClearZone Snow Melting System (Heated tire tracks)

DENNIS L. - Homeowner


I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know we had a successful installation.

Your electrical support person was very helpful in the system test process working with my electrician. I will be completing all the warranty paperwork soon and have all of the electrical measurements captured. Here is one of the photos of the project.

On a scale of 1 to 10 regarding customer service/customer care, Warmzone receives 10+++ in my book!!! I truly look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Hydronic floor heating system being installed
It's Nice to have Warm Floors on a Cold Day

Hydronic Floor Heating System

BARRY and TRUDY K. - Homeowner


The hydronic heated floors are working well. It is nice to walk on a warm floor on a cold day. We installed the tubing ourselves. Laying the tubing is a fairly easy task for the do-it-yourself person. I would recommend covering the tubing with 1½-inches of gypcrete. It is nice being able to set the thermostats a few degrees lower than our old forced air system and have the house feel just as warm.

All the people at Warmzone were very helpful and knowledgeable and gave us all the time we needed answering our questions we had using the thermostats. We will definitely call Warmzone when we are ready to finish our basement. Thanks for all your help.

Heated driveway being installed
Customer Service was Second to None

ClearZone Snow Melting System (Heated driveway)

Cody D. – Owner, Perfection Construction


Thanks for supplying my customer with exactly what they needed. Living in multiple locations, the weather-censored concrete heating system you offer was the perfect match for my Boise, Idaho homeowners. Being new to this type of installation, I expected things to be a little more complicated. A few phone calls after receiving the product within days made the job simple to install.

I would have to say that customer service with your company was by far second to none. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and referring you on to homeowners with snow melting needs. A sincere thank you.

RetroHeat floor heating system
I'm Happy with my New Warm Floor

RetroHeat® Floor Heating (Heated kitchen floor)

MARY H. - Homeowner


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new warm floor.

I finally persuaded my handy man to brave the depths of the crawl space under the kitchen floor of our old house. He then installed your RetroHeat system without too much difficulty. Despite having to penetrate a plywood sub-floor and Mexican tile, the floor is now lovely and warm.

It’s a constant happy surprise to put a bare foot onto a tile floor in the depths of winter and feel . . . warmth! Many thanks!

Installing a radiant heated floor
You made me Feel very Comfortable

ComfortTile Floor Heating System

MICHAEL B. - Homeowner

LOCATION: Arkansas

You took me patiently through the layout process and designed my plans according to my home plans. You made me feel very comfortable and came close to the $$ range that I wanted to spend. (I didn’t mind spending a little more for what I believed to be a better product, and you helped a lot with that.) The shipping and after-sale support services were also excellent. Sincerely, with kind regards.

Retro heated floors
We Love the RetroHeat Floor Heating System

RetroHeat Floor Heating (Heated tile in bathroom and laundry)

CATHERINE C. - Homeowner

LOCATION: Colorado

We LOVE the RetroHeat floor heating system!

It was installed under the tile floor in a small add-on enclosed porch that has a bathroom and laundry room in it. It works exactly as advertised and has made a huge difference in the space. The floors are nice and warm and the thermostat is easy to program. Thanks again.