ClearZone® Electric Driveway Heating Systems

Electric heated driveways have proven to be one of the most popular snow removal solutions today. These convenient systems continue to offer a host of benefits to residential and commercial property owners throughout the U.S. and Canada. The reliability, enhanced safety, and long term benefits of these radiant heat systems, combined with Warmzone's unparalleled support services, make radiant snow melting the ideal option for consumers who need dependable snow removal for their properties.

Warmzone® carries the highest quality driveway heating options and radiant snow melting system components available. The renowned ClearZone® driveway heating systems are energy efficient and easy to install. The electric snowmelt systems are also fully automated, environmentally friendly, and require no maintenance. Radiant snow melting systems are easy to customize, and commonly used for large commercial projects as well as small, custom residential applications.

Fully automated electric heated driveways utilize an advanced snow sensor that detects temperature and precipitation. When conditions warrant, it signals the controller and power is then sent to the embedded heating cables to warm the driveway. Installing a heated driveway not only eliminates the need for time consuming manual snow removal, but can also enhance safety and increase the value of your property. ClearZone driveway heating cable comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, and the layout can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your driveway as well as your budget. The automated systems include the heat cable, activation device (aerial or pavement-mount snow sensor), controller / contactor panel, and marker plate (as required by the NEC). Call Warmzone today to learn more about the affordable options that are available at 888-488-9276.

A ClearZone heated driveway after a snowstorm

ClearZone Snow Melting Systems

ClearZone electric snowmelt cable is extremely durable and versatile and has proven itself to be effective for use in a variety of radiant heating applications. Installed throughout Northern America, ClearZone snow melting systems have been used in applications ranging from heated driveways and sidewalks to heated public transportation platforms and facilities, winter resorts, outdoor malls, runaway truck ramps, loading docks, commercial parking structures, and more.

ClearZone snow melting systems are easy to customize and install. The radiant heating systems can be installed in a variety of mediums and configured to accommodate your specific layout and snow melting demands while offering options to keep you within your budget. Homeowners have the option of installing a system to heat their entire driveway, or the heat cable can be installed to heat only an 8-foot strip in the middle of the driveway, or two 24-inch wide tire tracks. You also have the flexibility of installing heat cable in specific areas, such as a section of the driveway that is on an incline, or is always shaded. Warmzone professional system designers can create the ideal system for your specific layout and snow removal needs. For more details about Warzmone’s system design services, free installation training, or tech support call 888-488-9276.

ClearZone Heating Mats

Available in 3- and 4- inch spacing (and custom spacing upon request), the ClearZone heating mats feature cable that is pre-spaced for accurate spacing and fast, easy installation. The electric radiant heating mats are laid out and secured, and then the medium is applied directly over the cable. CZ snow melting systems are popular among homeowners and commercial construction professionals alike.

The heating mat features premier quality heat cable that is spaced according to your project and sold in 'rolls' for easy "roll-out" installation. The tape backing of the heating mats can be cut on-site so that the mats can be turned and installed around corners and odd layouts when necessary.

ClearZone Heating Cable

While ClearZone heat cable is available in mats that can be rolled out over the area to be heated, the radiant heating cable is also available in individual rolls. The individual cable allows greater installation flexibility for installers dealing with custom layouts. Individual runs of cable can be easily installed to heat small and odd shaped areas. The cable can be laid out around objects, or in corners (using proper spacing), as well as in outdoor steps, patios and narrow walkways. Depending on your snow melting project, individual rolls of ClearZone heat cable is an excellent option. The twin-conductor, single-point connection heat cable is built rugged, designed for the demands of installation in a variety of applications.

A heated driveway and ClearZone heating cable and mats

Concrete Heated Driveways

The ClearZone snow melting system is the premier snow melting solution for concrete heated driveways, sidewalks, loading docks, ramps, etc. The durable heat cable is capable of withstanding the rigorous stress of heavy concrete pours and provides efficient, reliable snow melting for all types of concrete applications.

The electric snowmelt system utilizes an advanced snow sensor (either an aerial mount or in-ground mount) to activate the system when needed, making it fully automated. The system also features a contactor panel that controls line and load terminal blocks and operating contactors. The activation device also features manual override capability to deal with snow drifts or areas in shade where water has frozen.

ClearZone snow melting system heating driveway and walkway.

Asphalt Driveway Heating

Specially constructed asphalt ClearZone heat cable is designed to withstand the hot temperatures of new asphalt construction jobs. (The cable is rated up to 460 degrees for up to 10 minutes.) Installation of the radiant snow melting system is easy. The asphalt is spread directly over the rugged ClearZone heat cable and then carefully compacted. The embedded, fully automated, radiant snow melting system provides a discreet, reliable snowmelt solution for your driveway and/or sidewalks. In addition to new asphalt construction applications, existing asphalt (and concrete) driveways can be retrofitted with the ClearZone snowmelt system.

Heated asphalt driveway and pathways

Heated Stone and Brick Paver Driveways

The ClearZone radiant snow melting system is also commonly used to provide snowmelt for brick and stone paver driveways and sidewalks. The cable is laid out in the bedding material of the driveway or sidewalk to be heated. Another layer of sand or paver dust is then applied over the cable. The brick or stone pavers are then placed directly on top of the heat cable (and sand). The ClearZone heating cable effectively warms the pavers to prevent any snow accumulation. The snowmelt system can be easily customized to meet just about any unique layout demand, and can also be installed in layouts that are more budget friendly. Heating tire tracks is a popular option that not ony can help to reduce installation costs, but reduce operational costs as well. The ClearZone snow melting system is a trusted industry leader, providing fully automated, energy-efficient and maintenance-free operation.

A heated driveway system installed under pavers.

Retrofit Snow Melting Applications

The ClearZone snow melting system can also be installed in existing driveways. By using saw-cut technology, grooves are cut into existing concrete or asphalt driveways and cable is then placed in the channels. This method allow consumers to retrofit their driveway at relatively little cost, so they can enjoy the benefits of a heated driveway. Radiant snow melting systems can be installed in existing asphalt driveways by placing the cable on top of the old asphalt and then installing a new layer of asphalt on top of that. (The photo below shows a runaway truck ramp being retrofitted with a radiant snow melting system, using saw-cut technology.) When installing in saw-cut grooves, ClearZone radiant heat cable is laid into the channels and then sealed with an epoxy topcoat. For additional traction to increase safety, a sand broadcast can be applied to the surface before the epoxy cures if desired.

Runaway truck ramp being retrofitted with radiant snow melting system

Radiant Heated Sidewalks and Walkways

The convenient design, versatility and durable construction of ClearZone electric snow melting mats make them a favorite among homeowners and commercial construction professionals alike for heating sidewalks and outdoor steps. While free-standing cable is used for heating outdoor stairs, the mats are ideal for sidewalks, patios, pathways, and other standard shaped areas. Featuring premier heat cable, properly spaced for your application, the snow melting mat ensures optimum radiant heat performance as well as ease of installation. Unparalleled in performance and user-friendly design, ClearZone heat cable has proven to be one of the most reliable and easiest radiant heating systems to install on the market.

To learn more about Warmzone's snow melting systems for your specific application, call 888-488-9276.

ClearZone Snow Melting System Features

The ClearZone snow melting system is a proven leader in radiant heating, and is distinguished as a top radiant snow and ice melting solution for several reasons:


Rugged Design - ClearZone heat cable is designed to withstand the stress of new concrete pour installations as well as the extreme, high-temperature of new asphalt applications (and compacting), and can also be installed under pavers or most other surfaces.


Many Custom Options and Easy Installation - ClearZone cable can be customized to meet your specific snow melting demands, space requirements, and even your budget needs. Call a radiant heat expert (888-488-9276) and learn about the many snow melting options that are available.


Fully Automated - The ClearZone heated driveway and snowmelt system is activated by a high-performance snow sensor (aerial or in-ground, depending on your preference). When the snow sensor detects precipitation and temperatures are below 39°F, the sensor signals the master control box, initiating startup of the radiant heating system. (The control unit also includes a manual override function in case of snowdrifts or ice forming in shaded areas.)


Virtually Maintenance Free - ClearZone electric snow melting cable features a 10-year manufacturer warranty and the systems are virtually maintenance free.


Rapid Response Time - Once the fully automated system is activated, the electric snowmelt system features unparalleled response time, heating the driveway quickly and efficiently. When compared to other radiant snow melting systems on the market, the ClearZone system boasts one of the fastest response times available.


Premier Heating Cable - The ClearZone heating cable features superior workmanship and materials, and is cCSAus listed. The twin-conductor ClearZone cable is designed with Fluoropolymer insulation, polyolefin jacketing (for flexibility and UV protection), allowing the radiant heating system to consistently provide top performance during harsh winter conditions. Coupled with Warmzone's proven expertise, product warranties, and Warmzone's commitment to superior customer service, the ClearZone snow melting system is designed and built to outperform all competing products.

Warmzone Snow Melting Systems

Once your patio is completed, it’s ready to be used. Just add snow! Make sure to monitor your system and control throughout the first couple of snowfalls to see if any adjustments are required. The system can also be activated manually if you need.

Radiant heat snow melting system installation, time lapse video

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