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Roof Heat Systems and Gutter Trace Cable

Warmzone roof deicing systems help protect roofs by preventing the buildup of snow, ice and icicles around eaves, drains, and valleys. The RoofHeat snow melting system can be installed under new or existing asphalt, shake, or tile shingles, and is ideal for new construction or remodeling projects.


The RoofHeat STEP heating element is polypropylene fused during fabrication to achieve water proofing and ensure that the panel is protected from other physical damages. The panel is lightweight, flexible and easy to install, and it can be cut to size on the job site.

Condominiums in need of a roof deicing or gutter melt system.
Ski resort condominiums in need of a radiant roof heating and gutter trace system.

Roof Deicing Systems - Ten Reasons to Invest


ENHANCE SAFETY - Heavy icicles can pose significant safety concerns as well as cause structural damage to gutters and downspouts. Falling icicles and subsequent ice on walkways can lead to dangerous situations for pedestrians. These hazardous conditions are eliminated by installing a roof deicing system from Warmzone.


EASE OF INSTALLATION - Warmzone RoofHeat radiant roof heating systems are not labor intensive. The flexible heating element can be nailed or stapled through, and cut to size onsite, facilitating quick and easy installation. Because of the simple installation of the RoofHeat heating element, costs for installing the roof deicing systems can be much less than that of other systems.


MAINTENANCE FREE - Warmzone electric roof deicing systems are virtually maintenance free, so costs associated with yearly upkeep will be non-existent. There's no need for yearly checkups, and costs for repairing leaky pipes (typical of hydronic systems) are a non factor.


NO BULKY SYSTEM HOUSING - Electric radiant roof deicing systems do not take up space or require mechanical rooms. The system is controlled by a small control box that is mounted on the wall, so you don't have to take up additional square footage of your home or garage to house the equipment for Warmzone's RoofHeat system.


EFFICIENCY - Warmzone electric roof heating systems are energy efficient. These fully automated roof deicing systems are so effective that virtually not power is wasted as 99% of the energy goes directly to snow melting.


LOW OPERATION COSTS - Utility costs vary depending on where you live, but generally, you can melt snow on 300-square-foot area for around $0.35 per continuous hour of operation.

  7. MINIMAL OPERATION TIME - The RoofHeat features fast response times and efficient operation. The electric radiant heating system runs up to 30% less than other radiant snow melting systems because of its high efficiency.
  8. FULLY AUTOMATED - Roof snow melting systems consist of fully automated devices that detect precipitation and temperature so that the system is activated only when needed. The automated snow sensor detects the temperature and the moisture in the air, and when conditions warrant it triggers the control unit. The controller then powers up the heating elements, warming your roof and gutters just as the snow storm hits. After the storm, the system shuts off automatically, resulting in maximum efficiency.
  9. PROTECT YOUR HOME - Prevent water damage and extend the life of your roof by installing a radiant roof heating system. Your roof will last longer by preventing damaging ice buildup, ice dams, and icicles, as well as reduce the chances of water damage, which is often the result of ice dams that repeadedly melt and refreeze.
10. INVESTMENT - Roof heating systems are an excellent investment for raising the value of your home. By installing a radiant roof deicing system, you increase the resale value, longevity, and safety of your home, building, or cabin.

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