Hydronic Snow Melting System Components

The Warmzone® hydronic snow melting system utilizes the industry's top components to ensure optimum life and performance. Using the premier hydronic system components, Warmzone systems offer the flexibility of heating almost any size and shape of driveway, porch, ramp, or walkway, etc., while keeping your budget in mind. If you choose, Warmzone can also provide on site supervision to ensure that your snow melting system is installed properly and no warranties are voided.

There are many options when it comes to laying out and installing your snow melting system. To learn more, call a radiant heat expert today and discuss your hydronic radiant heat project today. Call us at 888-488-9276 to learn what the best options are for your specific snow melting needs and budget.

Hydronic Snow Melting Systems

OverviewHydronic radiant heating system mechanical room

Hydronic systems utilize flexible PEX tubing that can be embedded in just about any medium (concrete, asphalt, pavers, etc.). A mixture of hot water and propylene glycol (anti-freeze) is heated and then pumped through the closed loop of PEX tubing embedded under the surface of the driveway or sidewalk.

A boiler is required to heat the fluid, and together with the pumps, valves, manifold, and controls, forms the complete snow melting system. You can find a hydronic system boiler that operates on the most affordable utility in your area, including natural gas, propane, or oil, etc. This helps to make the operation of hydronic radiant heat systems as economical as possible. However, because of the complexity of hydronic systems, the installation costs are considerably higher than those of an equally sized electric system. Yet, over time you may be able to recoup those costs by enjoying a lower monthly operating cost.

The Heating Element (Tubing)
The mechanical room for a hydronic radiant heat system, showing boilers, controls and pumps.

The heating element in a hydronic system is a closed-loop tubing made of flexible polymer (PEX) or synthetic rubber that circulates a mixture of hot water and propylene glycol (anti-freeze). The fluid is warmed to temperatures of 140° to 180°F to provide sufficient heat to keep your driveway free from snow and ice. The PEX tubing ranges in diameter from ½ to ¾ inch and is flexible enough to bend into various layout patterns to accommodate your heated driveway layout. The tubing is designed and constructed to have a long service life, and resists chemicals and corrosion without becoming soft at high operating temperatures or brittle at low outdoor temperatures.

Warmzone typically uses Engel-method cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-a) tubing with an oxygen barrier. This advanced construction helps to prevent corrosion of ferrous components in a closed-loop hydronic radiant heating system. The tubing features the highest degree of cross-linking for the greatest durability and flexibility, and also offers the tightest bend radius (six times the tubing diameter) to help avoid kinks. However, in the unlikely event of a kink, PEX-a tubing is the only PEX tubing that can be easily repaired with a shot of heat from a heat gun without compromising the integrity of the tubing.

Email us or fax us (801.948.7599) a plan or sketch of your snow melting project and we will be happy to provide you with some options that are specific to your needs. We will also include expert recommendations and an accurate price estimate. For more details, call a radiant heat expert today at 888-488-9276.


Tubing Features and Technical Specs Hydronic snow melting system being installed

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Sizes from 5/16-inch through 4 inches.

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PEX-a highest degree of cross-linking.

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Most flexible (6x tubing diameter).

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Patent-pending oxygen-barrier coating.

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Compatible with ProPEX® and WIPEX™ fittings.

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Meets ASTM F876-08b dimensional requirements.

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Meets ASTM UV-resistance requirements.

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Backed by a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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Hydronic Snow Melting Systems
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