Ground Mount Snow Sensor for Automated Snow Melting Systems

Warmzone's pavement-mounted snow sensor is commonly used for large commercial snow melting projects as well as residential heated driveways where accurate moisture detection is critical. When weather conditions warrant, the pavement-mount snow sensor triggers the snow melting system's master controller, and power is sent to the embedded ClearZone® radiant heat cable. The system is fully automated, so it activates as the snow storm hits and then shuts off afterwards. Operating only when needed, the efficiency of these systems minimizes energy costs but does not sacrifice the snow melting effectiveness. Snow sensors / switches mounted directly in the surface of the area to be heated provide convenient, reliable performance for automated radiant heat snow melting systems.

Warmzone® system designers can customize your snow melting system to meet your precise needs, while keeping mindful of your budget. To learn more about your system layout and snow sensor options, call a friendly Warmzone representative today at 888-488-9276. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and go over the best options for your snow melting needs.

In-ground snow sensor activation device

In-Ground (Pavement-mount) Activation Devices

Automated snow melting systems rely on the snow sensor to accurately detect weather conditions to activate the system. When snow is detected, the system's activation device (snow sensor) signals the controller to send power to the heat cables and heat the driveway or pavement, preventing snow from building up. The sensor has an adjustable set point, and most systems are set to activate the controller when temperatures are below 39°F (3.8°C) and moisture of any type, including water, snow, sleet or ice is present. After the sensor's moisture element has dried, the unit's built-in, adjustable, hold-on timer keeps the snow melting system operating for a short time to ensure that the surface area is completely dry so no ice forms - further ensuring safety and the efficiency of the snow melting system.

Because the snow melting system sensor accurately measures pavement temperature by compensating for its internal heating, it eliminates the cost and complexity of a separate pavement temperature sensor. For optimum system performance and efficiency, the sensor is typically mounted close to the de-icing system's embedded heat cable to ensure that the pavement and sensor become dry at about the same time.

The sensor features an advanced mounting system design that provides accurate alignment with the pavement surface. Six available conduit locations add to the flexibility and simplicity of the installation. The sensor subassembly is field replaceable without disturbing the pavement. The sensor is an NEC Class 2 device, operating from customer supplied 24 volts AC. It provides a floating Form A, low-voltage, 2-amp relay contact for interfacing external heater control contactors.

Snow melting system installed - heated tire tracks in asphalt driveway

The pavement-mount snow sensor is a rugged, yet sophisticated piece of equipment. The unit is designed so that only brass, epoxy, and stainless steel are exposed to the surface of the pavement. Precision machining gives these products a handsome appearance that are sure to please the building owner, engineer, and architect.

Warmzone also offers the industry's most trusted aerial-mount snow sensors. This activation device is typically mounted above the roof line where it is exposed to the weather elements. The sensors function much like the in-ground snow sensor.

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