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FloorHeat Radiant Floor Heating Installation


The FloorHeat radiant floor heating system is a low-voltage system featuring a unique, self-regulating polymer heating element that can be installed under just about any type of floor surface. Available in 12-inch rolls, the flexible heating element is thin, yet very durable. It can be nailed or stapled to the sub-floor, making installation quicker and easier than most other floor heating systems.

The heating element is easy to install. Remove all debris from the subfloor and then simply roll out the polymer heating element over the area to be heated. Secure it to the floor. Nails can be driven through the heating element itself, but do not drive nails or staples through the bus braids along the side of the element. Thinset can then be applied directly over the heating element.


Woman on warm hardwood floor. The Power Unit - The transformer used for the FloorHeat system is a low-voltage dry type isolation transformer (120 Vac primary and 24 Vac secondary, NEMA 3R enclosure). The terminal board is a fused board with a 24 Vac with four 5A PTC fuses and set screw lug terminals sized for No. 14 No. 4 AWG wires, and terminal assignments (one primary hot, four fused secondary hot, and three neutrals).


The FloorHeat system operates on low-voltage and does not require a ground fault interrupter, and is one of the safest electric radiant floor heating systems on the market. The system is ETL listed and complies to ANSI/UL-1693 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 number 217 standards and CE marking. FloorHeat systems are typically connected to a 24V transformer, but they can also be powered by a solar or wind-powered source. Because the polymer heating elements are self-regulating and cover over 60 percent of the floor surface, this floor heating system is more efficient (up to 30 percent) than other electric and hydronic systems, and up to 60 percent more efficient than conventional forced air systems. The floor heating system can be easily zoned too.


FloorHeat radiant floor heating system installed in floor joists for retrofit floor heating application. FloorHeat is an excellent radiant heating product for warming your entire home or just select floors and rooms. The floor heating element is a thin, durable 12-inch-wide element that can be cut to length on the job site. Once the layout has been determined, simply cut the element to the appropriate length, make the electrical connections, and run the wires to the terminal board(s) and transformer. Secure the elements to the subfloor with adhesive, staples, or pegs and cover to trade practices. The FloorHeat STEP system may be one of the easier radiant floor heating systems to install.


FloorHeat is approved for use with any non-conductive floor covering including: ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stone, hardwood, laminates, resilient, and carpet. Because the thin heating element can be placed directly below the floor covering, installation is a breeze, and the warmth is sublime! Warmzone FloorHeat can be used in new construction or remodeling applications. Because of its low profile, there is virtually no buildup when using the FloorHeat radiant floor heating system.


The installation of Warmzone's FloorHeat STEP heated floor is fairly easy compared to other radiant heating systems. Whether you're a contractor or an ambitious do-it-yourselfer, you should be able to install the heating elements with ease. However, it is crucial to have a qualified electrician wire the floor heating system. No personnel should be working with live wires or hooking up the power to any radiant heating system unless he or she is a certified, experienced electrician.


The most important thing to remember when installing a radiant heat system is that the system is only as good as its installation. That's why Warmzone's professional installation support staff is so important. Installers can call and speak to an electrician or experienced radiant heat installer and be walked through any installation steps in question.


In addition to offering personal installation support, Warmzone also offers free installation training. So if you're a homeowner who is having a radiant floor heating system installed, insist that your contractor and electrician receive training from Warmzone as well as take advantage of calling our radiant heat experts any time if they have any questions during the installation. You'll find Warmzone to be the most responsive, customer-service oriented radiant heat company in the business. So if you're looking to install a heated floor, be sure to do it right and deal with the experienced professionals at Warmzone who you can trust.


Warmzone sets itself apart from other radiant heat system providers, by offering a dynamic range of professional radiant heat services, including detailed layouts with each system, a dedicated staff of personal installation support experts, and free installation training. Warmzone system layouts are second to none and are instrumental in helping installers to ensure that the floor heating system is installed properly. The AutoCAD will provide you with the proper materials, cable and wiring layout, number of breakers and sizes, and all the load calculations prior to any installation taking place.



Installing FloorHeat radiant floor heating element. Applying thinset over the FloorHeat radiant floor heating element. The finished radiant heated floor, using FloorHeat.


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