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Heating Tile Floors

Radiant Heat Under Tile Floors

Heated tile floor. Tile flooring is an excellent surface for radiant heated floors. Tile flooring not only adds beauty and elegance to a home, but because the ceramic tile heats quickly and retains warmth for long periods, a radiant heated tile floor is very effective and energy efficient.

To most effectively heat tile floors, ComfortTile heating cable is the most highly recommended radiant floor heating system. The heat cable can be installed on a variety of subfloors, including: plywood, concrete, pre-stressed concrete panels, crack isolation membrane or any floor surface compatible with the adhesive. Depending on your subfloor, thinset or mortar is applied directly over the heat cable, followed by the installation of the tile.

ComfortTile floor heating cable is a premium floor heating cable, and can be purchased on spools as well as in mats. The floor heating mats feature heat cable that is pre-spaced on an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh that can be rolled out for quick, easy installation. The mats heat an area 24-inches wide, are pre-terminated for use with 120 and 240 volts, and are available in a variety of lengths.

For the best results for installing radiant heat under tile, the following three floor heating systems are the most recommended systems for effectively heating tile floors:

ComfortTile radiant floor heating systems. ComfortTile Radiant Heating Systems

ComfortTile floor heating cable is just ⅛-inch in diameter and the mats feature pre-spaced heat cable on a durable adhesive-backed mesh. The heat cable is also available on the spool, which is typically used to heat custom shaped areas. The ComfortTile floor heating system is an industry leader and comes with a 10-year warranty. ComfortTile is extremely versatile and can be used to heat virtually all types of floor surfaces, including marble, slate, laminates and hardwood.

FloorHeat radiant floor heating systems. Heating Existing Tile Floors

If you have access to the floor joists under your existing tile floors, you can retrofit your floors with the comfort of radiant heat by installing the RetroHeat or FloorHeat radiant heating systems. FloorHeat features a low-voltage, semi-conductive polyethylene heating element with an extremely thin profile, so no additional floor buildup is required. The flexible radiant heating element is also self-regulating, further adding to the efficiency and safety of the floor heating system.

RetroHeat radiant floor heating systems. The RetroHeat floor heating system also provides an affordable option for installing radiant heat under existing floors - without tearing up the old floor. To install the system, you must access the floor joists from below. The RetroHeat's paper-thin "film" heating element is stapled up in the floor joists and then common Batt insulation is placed over that to efficiently direct the heat upwards to the floor.

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