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The Benefits of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat continues to be the most energy efficient way to heat a home or business. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Savers website, radiant heating offers several advantages over other, more conventional heating systems. With radiant heat, virtually no energy is wasted. With forced air systems, there is considerable energy that is wasted. The furnace heats air which is then circulated throughout the home using a series of ducts and vents, but the hot air blown from the vents rises immediately up to the ceiling without warming much of the lower levels of the room. Also, even when registers / ducts are closed, hot air still escapes into areas of the home that are not meant to be heated.

However, virtually none of the energy used to heat floors is wasted. Radiant heat also has the flexibility of operating on a variety of energy sources such as gas, oil, wood, solar and electricity. While there are a variety of under floor heating products and two general radiant heat technologies (electric and hydronic), the many benefits of radiant heat are the same. Some popular reasons for installing radiant heat are listed below.

Quiet Operation with Health Benefits

In addition to even heating and comfortable warmth, radiant under floor heating systems offer a dramatically superior living environment compared to that of conventional forced air systems. Radiant heated floors consist of heating elements (electric or hydronic) embedded directly under the floor where they operate silently, have no moving parts and are maintenance free (electric systems).

Homeowners with radiant heat are also aware of the health benefits. For the elderly or those with severe allergies, radiant heat is a Godsend. Forced air systems blow dust and allergens from the vents, but radiant heat silently warms the floor and nearby objects, virtually eliminating dust and irritating particles from being blown around the house every few minutes. Since there are no noisy furnaces or blowers, not only are no dust and allergens blown throughout the house, but your home remains cleaner, healthier, and more peaceful.

The Exquisite Warmth of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat provides a uniquely luxurious heating experience. The heat is noticeably different from that of forced-air systems, and needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. The effects of radiant floor heating can be compared to that of walking barefoot on the warm sand of a beach during a sunny day. An excellent example of radiant heat is that of a mug after being filled with hot coffee. The heat from the coffee radiates to warm the mug. Objects (such as the mug) absorb radiant heat until they are the same temperature as the heat source. Adding to the efficiency of radiant heat is that the objects also retain the warmth for long periods of time, and the heat continues to expand outwards to warm other cooler areas.

Your body heat is not lost to the surrounding cold objects or air. And perhaps a favorite benefit of radiant heat is that it eliminates the common winter malady of cold feet. Heated floors not only add comfort, but provide the comfortable warmth where you need it most. This is particularly enjoyed by children who spend most of their time playing on the floors.

Another good example of two different types of heating technologies is demonstrated in today's new cars. A "forced-air" system uses heating vents to blow warm air into the car. Radiant heat is often used to warm the seat or steering wheel. Both of these technologies warm the environment, yet their qualities are very different. Hot air blown from the vents tends to be dry, loud and can blow dust and allergens into the air. Yet it initially feels warm before rapidly cooling. On the other hand, the seats that are heated by means of radiant heat maintain consistent, comfortable warmth, and operate quietly and efficiently.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems are Easy to Design, Customize and Operate

There are several different types of floor heating systems, ranging from thin heating cable to paper thin film heating elements, reflective FoilHeat systems, heat cable in floor heating insulation panels, and more. While Warmzone carries a diverse selection of systems, each of them can be custom designed to meet your floor heating needs. And these radiant heat systems can be used to complement your existing heating system or used as the principle heating source for your home.

Another advantage of radiant heat is that you can install a customized system to only heat specific areas or rooms. Each room (or zone) of a radiant floor heating system can be controlled by its own programmable thermostat. For example, you can program the system so that your bathroom floor heats when you get up each morning for work and shuts off when you leave. With radiant floor heating systems, you can designate specific times of the day and desired temperatures for certain areas. This enhances the energy efficiency of your home without sacrificing comfort.

Radiant heat is often used to supplement heat in bathrooms, kitchens or basements. While it can be used as the primary heating source throughout your home, it is most commonly used to complement your existing heating system in specific rooms. Contact a radiant heat expert to learn more about your radiant heat option (with no obligation). Warmzone prides itself on customer service, and providing unbiased information to consumers. Call 888.488.9276 today.

Energy Efficient

As previously mentioned, radiant heat is the most efficient form of heat available. Electric floor heating requires significantly less operating time to maintain the desired warmth compared to furnaces and other methods of heating, which helps to keep operational costs to a minimum. High efficiency boilers (for hydronic heated floors) or electric under floor heating systems make radiant heat a smart choice for heating your home. Coupled with a well insulated home these systems quickly warm specific areas of your home comfortably and efficiently. With the programmable thermostat, the system can be programmed to operate precisely at the times you need, and then shut off according to your daily schedule.

Attractive, Practical Design

Radiant heat systems are installed discreetly under the floor and are easy to customize. There is no need for bulky duct work or floor registers with radiant heating systems. Electric radiant heating systems require no extra space or "mechanical room", so you don't have to worry about limited ceiling or wall space to accommodate the heating system. The only evidence of the system is a small, sharp looking thermostat on the wall.

Unmatched Customer Support

In addition to the many benefits of radiant heat, Warmzone also includes the industry's finest and most comprehensive customer services. In addition to the free consulting and system design, Warmzone also provides FREE installation training and technical support for installers. Even though Warmzone offers the industry's leading quality products and systems, those quality products may be of little value without the correct installation. That's why Warmzone offers these free services and works so closely with installers. We want to make sure the system is installed properly and that the customer is happy. By purchasing a Warmzone system, customers are assured to work with a partner who will guide you through the installation process from beginning to end.

Clean, Renewable Energy

In today's environmentally conscious political climate, many consumers are doing all they can to minimize their carbon footprints. This is another reason why electric radiant heat systems are increasing in popularity. Whether home and business owners are heating floors or melting snow with a heated driveway or roof deicing system, Warmzone's electric radiant heating options provide a clean way to eliminate snow and/or enjoy warmth. And because electric radiant heat systems have no moving parts, they are maintenance free, further adding convenience and comfort for radiant heat owners.

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