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Frequently Asked Questions - Heated Driveways


Product Questions

Q: What are the operational costs of snow melting systems?
A: The average operational cost for a snow melting system is approximately $0.28 per 100 square feet per hour. This figure is based on a system producing 35 watts/sq. ft. with a kwh rate of $0.08 per hour (the national average kwh is $.08/hour). If you know the square feet of the area you want to heat and your kwh rate, you can calculate the operational costs with this formula: heatable sq. ft. times watts/sq. ft., divided by 1000, times your kwh rate.

Q: What are the power requirements for your snow melting systems?
A: The power requirements vary from system to system. Generally, cable heating systems require a 240 V. 30 amp breaker for every 300 square feet you are heating. (On average, a 240 V. 30 amp breaker is required for every 175 square feet you are snow melting.)
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Q: Are your snow melting systems manually or automatically activated ?
A: Warmzone systems come standard with an aerial-mounted, automatic snow switch and a 4-hour manual timer. The system automatically turns on when the temperature is below 38° and there is moisture on the sensor. Pavement-mounted snow sensors are also available.

Installation Questions

Q: In what types of surfaces can your systems be installed ?
A: Warmzone snowmelt systems can be installed in almost any surface, including concrete, stamped concrete, asphalt, and under pavers. View our snow melting project gallery.

Q: Can the cables be cut or spliced together?
A: Warmzone systems come with the cold leads pre-spliced and should never be cut or spliced together. If you have questions during installation please consult the installation manual or contact us for assistance.

Q: Can the cold leads be cut or spliced together?
A: Cold leads can be trimmed if there is excess cable, but they should never be spliced to other cold leads or cable.

Q: Do you have local dealers?
A: Warmzone sells directly to the end user and can guarantee you premium pricing. Our internal staff of qualified professionals can answer your questions and assist you in selecting the best system for your application. Warmzone also sells through certified independent installers that can assist you in your product selection and installation.

Design Questions

Q: Does Warmzone provide detailed layouts for purchased systems?
A: Yes. Warmzone provides detailed layouts for most systems at the price of $0.35 per square foot. (This price is subject to change. Please call 888.488.9276 for more information.)
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