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Roof Heat Trace Cable for Gutter Deicing Systems

In cold weather climates, roofs, gutters and downspouts can be damaged by extreme conditions caused by heavy snow and ice. Radiant roof and gutter heating and deicing systems have proven extremely effective in preventing the problems caused by heavy snow and ice that can form on the roofs of buildings. Ice dams can cause roof leaking that leads to water damage, and ice and snow buildup can destroy gutters and downspouts. RoofHeat gutter trace cables can be installed to melt trouble spots on your roof and facilitate proper drainage. Melt snow and ice from your gutters, roof edge or valleys with Warmzone roof heating cable.

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Roof Heat and Gutter Ice Melting

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Protect Roofs with Roof Deicing Systems

To best remove snow and ice from roof gutters, downspouts and edges, Warmzone's durable self-regulating heat cable is one of the most recommended roof heating solutions available. The RoofHeat radiant heat cable is effective for roofs, gutters and drainpipes, and is capable of keeping your home or business safe from costly ice and water damage, frost erosion and dangerous falling ice.

The RoofHeat roof and gutter heating cable is extremely effective and energy efficient. The cable is UL recognized under the Appliance Wire Classification (file E 76498) and meets the requirements of the NEC (National Electric Code) Section 426. The cable is comprised of rugged, durable outer construction to withstand winter's harsh conditions. The self-regulating cable also features an irradiated conductive core that increases the heat output as the outside temperature falls and decreases the heat output as the temperature rises. This unique construction makes it durable, safe, and extremely energy efficient.

Warmzone roof heating systems are controlled by automatic sensors that detect temperature and precipitation to activate the snowmelt system when necessary. Warmzone roof deicing systems have been installed in most cold regions around the country and are still the most effective and discreet for roof deicing and gutter trace applications.

Determining the best heat cable, thermostat and sensor (activation device) depends in part on the size, type and construction of the roof, and also on the overall requirements of the particular installation.

Roof heating systems can be customized to accommodate just about any roof type and configuration. The RoofHeat roof and gutter heating cable may also be combined with other recommended Warmzone systems, such as the RoofHeat STEP Deicing System, to create an optimal solution for you. Warmzone designers carefully evaluate each project without assuming that one system will be the optimal solution. Together, with a Warmzone electrician, they create a customized system to accommodate your specific snow melting needs as well as your budget.

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