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How to Install Heated Tile Floors

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Installing ComfortTile Heat Cable and Mats for Heated Tile Floor.

This overview is not intended to replace the information in the installation manual. The guidelines below are provided as a convenience to customers for laying out the ComfortTile heat cable and making turns with the mats. For proper installation, it is essential to have a licensed electrician connect all the wiring of the floor heating system. This will ensure that the warranty remains valid and the system performs as intended.


To Make Turns with Floor Heating Mats
Cut the mesh backing to turn the floor heating mat. Cut the mesh backing. (Be careful to avoid cutting the heat cable.) Flip the mat over to begin the next row.
Align the mat to the next row and continue rolling out the mat. After flipping the mat over, align it accordingly and continue rolling out the next row.

Radiant heating mat installation drawings. Installation tips.

For additional instructions on making turns when laying out the floor heating mats, refer to the illustration provided (left). Simply cut the mesh backing and turn the mat accordingly, as shown in the photos above and the enlarged image by clicking on the illustration (to the left). If necessary, a portion of heat cable can always be extracted from the mat and run to fill in odd shaped areas.

NOTE: Never cut the heat cable itself. Only cut the mesh backing.

ComfortTile Floor Heating Mats and Cable

Heat cable secured with cable strapping for floor heating system.

ComfortTile is available pre-spaced in mats or in lengths off the spool. The pre-spaced cable on the mats is attached on a flexible fiberglass mesh with an adhesive backing.

Prior to rolling the mats out, be sure to sweep the subfloor and remove all the dust and debris. Small, sharp objects such as rocks and nails can damage the cable insulation and lead to cable failure, so preparing the floor before laying out the heating cable is important. After preparing the floor the mat can be rolled out and the adhesive backing can then secured to the subfloor. This speeds up the installation, which can result in lower labor costs. The cable is just ⅛ to 3/16-inch in diameter, so there is very little floor build up.

After the mat is secured to the subfloor and the cable layout is complete, thinset can be applied directly over the heat cable. Tile is then installed over that, and the following day, the grout is then applied. NOTE: It is recommended to use a rubber or plastic trowel when applying the thinset rather than a metal trowel to avoid damaging the cable.

Some Important Tips

Make sure that the CT heating cable AND the splice are completely embedded in the thinset or leveling pour, otherwise the cable will overheat and fail.

Never allow the heating cable to touch or cross. (Minimum cable spacing is 2 inches.)

Do not cross the heating lead on the connecting lead or thermostat wire. It is important that a qualified, licensed electrician be hired to connect the wiring and related electrical components.

It is recommended to use thermal insulation to improve the system efficiency.

When installing heat cable off the spool, the cable is secured to the floor using thin metal strips (cable straps) that are nailed or screwed to the floor. These straps have small tabs in them where the heat cable is placed. Simply bend the tab over the cable to secure it. (See photo at right.)

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Floor Heating Manuals and Product Guides

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