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Frequently Asked Questions - Low-Voltage Floor Heat


Product Questions

Q: What is FloorHeat?
A: FloorHeat is a thin, flexible, yet very durable self-regulating polymer heating element. It is used to provide comfortable warmth for all types floor surfaces, and comes in a roll (9 and 12-inches wide). The floor heating element can be cut to the desired length and field-wired on site.

Q: Does it require any floor buildup?
A: No. FloorHeat radiant heat systems are extremely thin, so no floor buildup or construction alteration is required. This is not the case with most other types of radiant floor heating systems.

Q: Does FloorHeat use a thermostat? How is it activated?
A: Each radiant heat system uses a sleek, programmable thermostat. The thermostat can be programmed to measure floor temperature or air temperature, or it can be set to be on at desired times.

Q: How does FloorHeat and radiant heat affect hardwood flooring?
A: FloorHeat is an ideal system for heating hardwood floors because of its low profile "no-buildup" characteristics and safe, even heating. FloorHeat is installed under the hardwood flooring and nails can be used to secure it to the floor without causing any damage to the system. The low-voltage system produces evenly distributed heat that has no negative effects on hardwood floors or any other type of flooring.

FloorHeat is also an excellent system for heating under carpet, and can be installed directly under the carpet pad.

Q: What if I want to heat my existing floor? Can I still use your floor warming system?
A: Yes. The RetroHeat system and FloorHeat system installs under existing floors in between floor joists. Both systems consist of panels that staple to the sides of the floor joists. If you have access to underneath the existing floor, you can install our our RetroHeat system or the 9-inch rolls of FloorHeat into the floor joist. After insulation is installed, the system forces heat up through the floors, warming the floor above. The system can be enough to heat an entire room, depending on the amount of heat required to heat the room.

Q: What kind of warranty is offered?
A: FloorHeat comes with an industry leading 20-year manufacturer's warranty.

Q: How long has FloorHeat been in use?
A: FloorHeat was first used over 29 years ago. Since then, thousands of the low-voltage systems have been installed worldwide and are still working perfectly.

Installation Questions

Q: How is FloorHeat secured to the floor?
A: FloorHeat is extremely durable. With a wood subfloor, the heating element can be directly nailed or stapled through. (However, be sure to avoid nailing through the bus braids at the sides of the heating element.) With a concrete subfloor, the FloorHeat can be glued down. The flooring can be installed directly over the FloorHeat quickly and easily. A plastic trowel or lathe (not metal) should be used when applying thinset for tile floors on top of the floor heating element.

Q: What kind of floor can I put over FloorHeat?
A: Virtually any floor surface can be installed directly over the FloorHeat heating element. The radiant heat system can be safely installed to heat tile, slate, marble, hardwood, laminates, and even carpeted floors.
Q: Can I use the low-voltage heating element under a metal roof?
A: Yes. Warmzone offers the low-voltage heating element (available in different widths) for heating roofs and valleys as well as gutter trace and downspout heating. It is essentially the same durable heating element as FloorHeat and is one of the few roof deicing systems that is safe for heating metal roofs. The thin heating element is discreetly installed under metal roofs as well as shingles. Warmzone also offers several other roof heating options and gutter trace solutions.

Design Questions

Q: Does Warmzone provide detailed layouts for purchased systems?
A: Yes. Warmzone provides detailed layouts for most systems at the price of $0.35 per square foot. (This price is subject to change. Please call 888.488.9276 for more information.)
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