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Hydronic Snow Melting Systems

Radiant heated driveway.

The term “hydronic heat” means heating with hot water. Surprisingly, this method of heating has been in common use for centuries. With the advancements in technology, hydronic radiant heat systems have become more popular because of greater effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability.


Hydronic snow melting systems utilize a mixture of hot water and propylene glycol (anti-freeze) that circulates through a closed-loop flexible polymer (Pex) tubing that is installed in the pavement (concrete, asphalt, or just about any medium). The hot liquid is circulated from a centrally located water heater/boiler through the Pex tubing to warm the driveway or sidewalks.


Because this hot water and anti-freeze mix retains heat for a long time after the boiler shuts down, the hydronic heating system can reduce energy use, adding to its efficiency and making it environmentally friendly. Warmzone systems also feature highly efficient condensing boilers with an Energy Star Rating as well as industry leading pumps, valves and tubing. The condensing boiler (water heater) can be powered by any energy source, including natural gas, electricity, oil, propane, wood, or even solar collectors.

Warmzone Quality

Hydronic snow melting systems from Warmzone feature the highest quality components and are fully automated. An aerial or pavement mounted snow sensor detects precipitation and temperature conditions to activate the snow melting system only when it is needed.


Warmzone also provides a comprehensive engineered drawing of your system – prior to installation – to ensure that you not only receive the highest quality products, but that your system is designed to be the most efficient snow melting system that satisfies all of your custom demands.

Hydronic Snow Melting System Highlights

 * Fully Automated - Hydronic snow melting systems utilize snow sensors to detect precipitation and temperatures to activate the system only when it is needed. An aerial mounted snow sensor or a pavement mounted sensor can be installed.

Energy Efficient - The liquid that circulates through the system, heating the pavement, maintains its heat for considerable periods, even after the boiler shuts down, adding to the system's efficiency.


Minimal Operating Cost - Hydronic snow melting systems are often the system of choice for large snowmelt jobs. This is because large hydronic systems generally have a more affordable operating cost when compared to large electric radiant heat systems. This is because you can find a boiler to use whatever local fuel source is the most affordable. You can use propane, natural gas, electricity, or oil, depending on the best utility costs in your area.


Zone Synchronization - Every tekmarNet Thermostat communicates to agree on a common, or synchronized start time. The result is a boiler that runs more efficiently and cycles less.


Zone Post Purge - At the end of a cycle, the zones are held on while the boiler is off. This moves residual heat out of the boiler and into the zones where it belongs.


Automatic Boiler Differential - Automatically adjusting the boiler differential to changing conditions ensures longer running times and reduced boiler short cycling.


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