Retrofitting Areas with Radiant Heat

Perhaps you just paved your driveway and you're wishing you included a radiant snow melting system. Or maybe you've discovered that the incline of your driveway gets icy in the winter, making it difficult to get in and out of your garage. You can't help but wish that the driveway included a radiant driveway heating system. Don't dispair. It's not too late. You can still add radiant heat to existing asphalt or concrete driveways, sidewalks and steps - without the need of tearing up any of the old pavement. Warmzone's driveway heating experts can help you find the ideal, affordable solution for keeping your current driveway free of snow and ice. Driveways retrofitted with a radiant snow melting system offer the same reliable performance and energy efficiency as those embedded in the original medium. Call Warmzone® today to learn more about the options available for adding radiant heat to existing concrete or asphalt at 888-488-9276.

Runaway Truck Ramp Being Retrofitted with Radiant Snow Melting System

Truck Ramp with Saw-cuts

Runaway truck ramp with saw-cut channels for snow melting system retrofit

Heat Cable Being Installed

Snow melting heat cable being placed in saw-cut grooves

Epoxy Sealant Being Applied

Epoxy being placed over the channels of heat cable

Asphalt driveway being fitted with heated tire tracks

Retrofitting Concrete and Asphalt with Radiant Heat Snow Melting System

To heat an existing concrete driveway, installers use saw-cut technology. Channels, 1½-inches deep, are cut into the driveway at the spacing outlined in the system layout, provided by Warmzone. ClearZone® radiant heat cable is then placed in the channels and then an epoxy topcoat is placed over the top to seal the embedded cable. If desired, for additional traction to increase safety a sand broadcast can be applied to the surface before the epoxy cures.

Radiant snow melting systems can also be installed in existing asphalt driveways by laying out the cable on top of the old asphalt in the predetermined configuration and then installing a new layer of asphalt on top of that. The new layer of asphalt should be about 2-inches thick. Radiant heat can also be added to heat existing brick or stone pavers. The cable is installed in the sand bed and covered. The pavers are then placed back into position.

Small areas of your driveway, sidewalks, ramps, or steps, etc., can also be easily retrofitted with a radiant snow melting system. Channels can be cut (for concrete applications) and the ClearZone heat cable can be laid out in custom configurations to address your specific snow melting needs (such as heating a troublesome incline or turn). Retrofitted driveways often feature two 24-inch wide heated tire tracks. This layout can significantly reduce initial installation costs as well as operating costs in the future. You can also custom heat sidewalks, choosing only to heat a small path in the center of the walk, or a shaded area rather the entire walkway.

Warmzone retrofit snow melting systems also include industry-leading customer services. Free installation training is provided as well as installation support and professional system design and layout. These layouts, combined with the installation training and support help to ensure that your snow melting system is installed correctly and performing as intended. To learn more, call 888-488-9276 today.

Snow Melting Systems Backed by Premier Customer Support

In addition to its industry-leading products, Warmzone offers the most comprehensive installation and customer support services in the business. These services include free installation training, technical support, and professional system design.

The free training courses are provided at the Warmzone headquarters or online, via video conference. (You may also be able to arrange training on site.) The training is with a qualified instructor, and can be completed in under an hour, but the installer is free to stop and ask questions at any time. All aspects of the installation are covered, complete with photos and illustrations. Warmzone also maintains a staff of support specialists who are on hand to field your calls during the installation. We understand that sometimes unique issues may arise during the installation, so if you have any questions, you can call and speak with an expert who can walk you through the matter at hand to help ensure a quick and proper installation.

The system layouts provided by Warmzone not only include the proper layout of the heating cable and system components, but all the electrical information necessary for your electrician, such as proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on. Warmzone is committed to its customers and will stand by them throughout the installation process. Call a friendly radiant heat expert today to learn more about Warmzone's radiant heat products and services at 888-488-9276.

Retrofitting a driveway with heated tire tracks

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