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Radiant Floor Heating

As a trusted leader of radiant floor heating solutions, Warmzone offers one of the widest selections of the industry’s most proven and trusted floor heating systems. The systems range from thin, twin-conductor heat resistance cable and mats (with 25-year warranty) to low-voltage polymer heating panels, paper-thin “Film” heating elements, reflective insulated panels, waterproofing membranes with pre-configured channels for the heating cable to be installed, and more. Warmzone’s vast selection of industry leading systems ensures that customers can find the ideal solution for installing under their specific floor type to heat their homes. From large commercial applications to energy-efficient home heating solutions, Warmzone is the trusted, leading provider of premier radiant heat systems.

As the customer service leader, Warmzone services include radiant heat system design and layout services, personal installation support, and FREE installation training to provide you with the best, most complete floor heating solution possible. We work closely with you to ensure that your system is installed and performing correctly for you. For more information, call 888.488.9276.

ComfortTile radiant heated floors.

The Proven Industry Leader.

ComfortTile floor heating cable is one of the most popular floor heating options on the market.

This versatile radiant heat system features an industry leading warranty and is effective for heating virtually all types of floor surfaces, including tile, marble, slate, laminates and hardwood. The cable is also used with other systems such as Prodeso and HeatShield.

FloorHeat radiant floor heating systems.

Self-Regulating Floor Heating System.

Warmzone's FloorHeat low-voltage floor heating system features a thin, polymer heating element that is particularly well-suited for heating laminates and hardwood flooring because it requires no floor build-up. The versatile floor heating solution is self-regulating, and comfortably spreads heat evenly, making this radiant heat solution extremely energy efficient.

Prodeso membrane floor heating systems.
  Prodeso® Membrane

Prodeso Membrane Floor Heating

The Prodeso membrane with ComfortTile heat cable is a time saving, cost effective system for heating floors. The CT heat cable is easily installed and spaced in the grooves of the patented membrane.

The uncoupling and crack isolating properties of the heat membrane make it possible to eliminate some typical expansion joints in the installation.

In-Slab radiant floor heating systems.
  In-SlabHeat Cable

Designed for Concrete Slab Applications

The In-Slab radiant floor heating cable is designed for installation in new concrete slab applications. The heat cable is embedded at least ½-inch below the concrete slab's surface.

When power is sent to the rugged thermal heating cable, it then heats, using the concrete slab to efficiently store and distribute heat evenly throughout its intended area.

RetroHeat radiant floor heating systems.

Designed to Heat Existing Floors

If you can access your floor joists from below, you are a perfect candidate for the RetroHeat radiant heated floor system. RetroHeat can be easily installed underneath existing floors so you can receive the same benefits of radiant heat without tearing up your floors. RetroHeat consists of warming panels that are cut to their proper length, then stapled between the floor joists to provide effective floor heating at an affordable price.

FilmHeat in-floor heating systems.
  FilmHeat Floor Heating

FilmHeat Floor Heating Systems

FilmHeat In-floor film heating systems feature a paper-thin heating element that can be cut on site and requires no floor buildup. This floor heating system is easy to install and provides a moderate and regulated warmth that is best suited for laminate surfaces.

The FilmHeat floor heating panels can also be used for retrofit floor heating applications.

FoilHeat radiant heated floors.

Efficient Floor Heating Mats

FoilHeat is an ultra thin electric radiant floor heating system primarily for use under laminate, engineered wood, glued hardwood and other floating floors. The system is made with fluoropolymer insulated heating cables that are sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminum foil.

The principle advantages of using FoilHeat include ease of installation, rapid response time, and uniform heating.

HeatShield radiant floor heating insulation panels.
  HeatShield Panels

Reflective Heat Insulation Panels.

The HeatShield floor heating panels consist of insulated aluminum panels that reflect heat from the ComfortTile heat cable and optimize the efficiency of the radiant heated floor system.

The pre-formed grooves in the lightweight insulated panels for the heating cable ensure accurate spacing and quick installation without the use of mortar and thinset, facilitating a quick, clean and easy installation.

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems.
  Hydronic Heat

Hydronic Floor Heating System

Hydronic under floor heating is the most common form of radiant heat, mainly because it has been around the longest, and as such is a proven method for radiant heating. In new construction or large heating areas, it is difficult to beat the operating price of a hydronic floor heating system.

In the most recent hydronic floor heating systems, lightweight aluminum RauPanels with PEX tubing is installed, creating a very efficient, easy-to-install system.