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Radiant Heat Products 


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Radiant Floor Heating

ComfortTile radiant floor heating cable on the spool. Heat Cable for Tile Floors
Suitable for tile, stone, and concrete applications, ComfortTile heat cable sets the gold standard for radiant floor heating. It features an industry-leading manufacturer warranty cable is one of the thinnest heat cables on the market.

ComfortTile radiant floor heating cable on adhesive backed mat. Heating Mats for Tile Floors
The ComfortTile floor heating mats feature the industry-leading heat cable, pre-spaced on a durable adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh backing. The heating mats ensure proper spacing of the cable and facilitate quick, easy installation.

HeatShield floor heating insulation panels. Heated Floor Insulation Panels
These floor heating insulation panels ensure outstanding floor heating performance, energy efficient operation and simple installation. HeatShield floor heating panels effectively heat soft surface floors such as laminates, Pergo, and carpet.

In-Slab radiant floor heating cable on the spool. In-Slab Heat Cable
Warmzone In-Slab (SlabHeat) is a premium and very durable radiant floor heating cable that is designed to be embedded in the concrete slab (foundation). The rugged heat cable features an industry-leading 10-year manufacturer warranty.

FloorHeat self-regulating radiant floor heating systems. Low-Voltage Floor Heating
This self-regulating radiant floor heating element can be used for heating all types of floor surfaces. The thin heating element can be stapeled or nailed through and requires no floor buildup, making it an ideal choice for heating hardwood floors.

RetroHeat radiant floor heating systems. Infloor Joist Heating
This under joist (staple-up) floor heating system is designed to be stapled up in floor joist to provide underfloor heat for existing floors. RetroHeat effectively heats a wide variety of floor surfaces, including hardwood, ceramic tile, laminates, and carpet.

ComfortTile thermostat for radiant floor heating system. Programmable Floor Heating Thermostats
These state-of-the-art, easy to use programmable thermostats are designed to control electric radiant floor heating systems for maximum comfort and minimum power consumption.

Tubing for hydronic floor heating system. Hydronic Floor Heating
Hydronic heating systems are among the most popular radiant heating solutions for homeowners and businesses alike. For large projects, hydronic floor heating systems tend to offer the lowest operating costs.

Radiant Snow Melting / Heated Driveway Systems

ClearZone heating cable on the spool. Snow Melting Heat Cable
As the trusted radiant heat solution, ClearZone snow melting cable is the preferred cable among homeowners and professional builders alike.  Capable of withstanding hot asphalt and concrete pours, ClearZone is the leading snowmelt solution.

ClearZone driveway heating snow melting heat mats. Snow Melting Mats
These snow melting mats feature the same top-quality ClearZone heat cable, pre-spaced and woven into a durable fiberglass mesh. ClearZone heated mats are easy to install and provide an effective, convenient and reliable solution for melting ice and snow.

Portable Snow Melting Solutions

PowerBlanket portable snow melting and heating solutions. Outdoor Heating/Curing Blankets
PowerBlanket portable concrete curing mats, barrel warmers, engine warmers and other outdoor heating solutions are designed for rugged outdoor use. The heating uses for the various sizes and shapes of PowerBlankets are virtually unlimited.

WarmTrax snow melting mats and stair treads. Portable Heating Mats
The WarmTrax heated traction mats and stair treads are made of an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber, making them as durable as automobile tires and able to handle harsh wear.

Roof Deicing and Gutter Melt

RoofHeat roof deicing heat element. Roof Deicing and Snow Melting
The thin, self-regulating heat element is installed discreetly under the roof shingles, and can be nailed or stapled through. The in-roof radiant heat system enhances safety and helps to protect your roof from ice and heavy snow.

Gutter melt roof heating cable. Gutter and Downspout Deicing
Warmzone's RoofHeat gutter melt and deicing systems feature self-regulating heat cable to safely and efficiently melt snow and ice. Eliminate dangerous icicles and protect your roof from the damaging effects of heavy snow and ice.

Home Heating Amenities

ECO-heater electric panel heaters. Wall-mount Heaters

The ECO-heater is one of the most economical and safest wall-mount electric panel heaters on the market. The heater never becomes hot enough to burn when touched, yet still produces the heat necessary to warm your home's cold spots.

Climastar radiant wall-mount heaters. Premium Wall Heaters
In addition to the beautiful stone facades, the elegant Climastar wall-mount heaters and towel warmers feature comfortable, programmable heat with remote control. Warm the cold spots of your home with a stylish Climastar wall heater.

  Premium heated toilet seats with bidet. Premium Heated Toilet Seats with Automatic Bidet
Heated bidets offer comfort, convenience, and a wide range of health benefits. The heated toilet seat with automatic bidets include numerous advantages over conventional toilet seats that both young and old will enjoy.