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Five Simple Rules to Enjoy a Heated Bidet

Get the Most Out of Bidet Toilet

Even if you’ve never heard of a heated bidet before today, you owe yourself the favor of reading on to learn about the five simple rules for enjoying and benefiting most from the healing comfort and luxury a bidet toilet has to offer.

  1. Remove the Stigma: Contrary to what you may have read, heard, or even seen, bidet toilets are fast becoming a homeowner’s bathroom staple. A heated bidet is not just for a fancy French hotel anymore.
  2. Submit Yourself to the Comfort and Luxury: Owning a heated bidet is not enough. You must submit yourself over to the comfort they can provide and the level of cleanliness and luxury that comes from owning a bidet toilet.
  3. Be Healthy: Getting healthy and staying healthy is not a passing fad. Health professionals are starting to “prescribe” bidet’s for patients, especially those who are suffering from painful hemorrhoids or fissures.
  4. Don’t be Afraid of Installation: In today’s world you can order almost anything online now and have it shipped directly to your home. A heated bidet is no exception. Warmzone sells several models that will come straight to you and installing them in your bathroom is a snap. You can phone an expert to help walk you through it or follow the online guides.
  5. Customize the Bidet to Fit Your Needs: Everyone is different, that is especially true when it comes to our bodies. A bidet toilet is easy to customize and simple to use. You will get the most benefit if you cater it to your specific needs and temperatures.