A Look at one of the most Innovative Floor Heating Technologies

Warmzone® offers one of the largest selections of radiant floor heating products in the business. Carrying a wide variety ensures that customers receive the best system for their specific floor types, budget, and heating needs. One popular floor heating system is Warmzone’s FilmHeat™ radiant heat system.

Designed for installation under laminate and floating floors, the innovative FilmHeat floor heating system features heating panels that are just .016-inch thick. That’s thinner than a credit card. The paper-thin heating element is so lightweight that it will not affect weight loads, and because it is so thin, installing the system will not cause any floor buildup.

The heating element is applied over an underlayment, and the floating floor is then installed. There is no need for mortar or self-leveling compounds, alarms, or special tools. This remarkable system is quickly and easily installed, and the heating mats come with the cold leads attached.

FilmHeat floor heating element installed.

The FilmHeat floating floor heating system consists of three major components: the heating elements, the wiring, the control device. These components work together to create a system that provides comfortable, energy-efficient floor warming as either a primary heating system, or as a supplement to the existing home heating system. FilmHeat can be installed on any standard, flat sub-floor, but care must be taken that the subfloor is smooth and free from protrusions such as nails or screws that may damage the heating element.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy Efficient: The efficiency of the FilmHeat system makes it one of the most affordable to operate.
  • Easy To Install: Apply the underlayment over the subfloor. Lay the heating panels over the area to be heated, and cut to length if needed. Install the floating floor. No self-leveler or mortar is needed. There is no need for an alarm or repair kit.
  • Apply the underlayment over the subfloor. Lay the heating panels over the area to be heated and then install the floating floor. No self-leveler or mortar is needed. The heating element is easily cut to length onsite. There is no need for an alarm or repair kit.
  • Smart Controls: Touchscreen 7-day, four settings per day, programmable thermostat with floor sensor. The Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat allows the user to program or set the thermostat from their smart phone.
  • Safety: GFCI Protected. ETL, CETL Certified.
  • Best In Class Warranty: 25-year warranty with no maintenance required

Heat Existing Floors with RetroHeat®

A variation of the FilmHeat system (called RetroHeat) is also available to heat existing floors. If you have access to your floors joists from below, either through a crawl space or basement, you can enjoy the comfort of radiant heat, without having to replace your current floor or undertake any major remodeling.

FilmHeat for heating hardwood floating floors.

The UL listed RetroHeat panels are stapled up between the joists, and then batt insulation is then applied to direct all of the upwards to warm the floor. The RetroHeat system provides comfortable warmth for a wide variety of floor types, and is extremely efficient, with virtually no heat loss. The heating elements provide 10 watts per square foot, and can be cut onsite.

Thin, flexible, ultra-efficient FilmHeat and RetroHeat floor heating systems are engineered to deliver the ultimate in thermal comfort. The heating panels can be used to warm a variety of floor types, with low energy consumption at affordable prices. These systems are commonly used to complement the existing home heating system by providing extra comfort to the most popular rooms in the house. The systems are configured with factory connections, and all products are suitable for either new construction or renovation projects.

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