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Find the Ideal Snow Melting, De-icing, or Heating Solution

November is here, and winter will be here before you know it. Winter brings cool evenings filled with family gatherings, parties, and holiday errands. You may be warm and cozy in your home, but snow and ice build up outside your home can create hazards. These hazards can make the season frustrating instead of bright. Preparing your home for winter beforehand is one of the best ways to ensure the holidays at your home are warm, cozy, and worry-free.  

After doing your indoor winter prep tasks, call Warmzone to ensure the outside of your home is ready to go. Warmzone offers snow melting solutions for every area of your home. These systems provide peace of mind by enhancing safety and convenience. Each system eliminates the need for chemical or manual snow removal. Warmzone snow melting systems are automated, using a small activation device to detect moisture and temperature. When weather conditions warrant, the sensor sends a signal to the controller, which then sends power to the heating element. Warmzone systems are also easily customizable. The systems can be tailored to meet your budget needs as well as your specific snow melting demands.

Snow-melting systems can be installed in almost any application or layout. Heating driveways is an ever-popular option, as are large parking and pedestrian areas. If heating an entire area isn’t the right fit, consider these other driveway heating options. One popular option for homeowners is that of installing heated tire tracks. These systems typically include two 24-inch-wide heated tracks. The heated tire tracks require less power to operate, and can also be cheaper to install, making this an ideal option for those with limited power, as well as a tight budget.

Heated driveway and sidewalk
A heated driveway and sidewalk after a large snowstorm.

Another great option is to heat an 8-foot-wide strip in the middle of the driveway. Trusted ClearZone heating cable can also be installed to heat specific problem areas, such as inclines, shaded areas, or parts of the driveway that are susceptible to snow drifts. Warmzone radiant heat systems are versatile, and can be used to hear virtually any outdoor space. Keeping inclines free of snow and ice enhances safety, and homeowners can also install radiant snow melting systems on steps, accessibility ramps, porches, sidewalks, and more.

Heating highly trafficked steps or walkways is especially vital for business owners who must not only keep their stores accessible during business hours, but also provide safe properties to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Many businesses also heat loading docks and ramps to enhance productivity and protect workers.

Snow melting systems can also be designed for outdoor animals, such as in kennels or dog runs. You can enjoy all of your property year ‘round by installing radiant heat systems in your most popular areas. Steps, outdoor decks, and the pathway to your hot tub can remain clear of snow and ice throughout Mother Nature’s coldest months. Whatever your snow melting needs are, a friendly Warmzone customer service professional can help you with custom design.

Once walkways and driveways are squared away, don’t forget to prepare another vital area of the home. The roof can easily become a problem during the winter without proper maintenance. Inspecting your roof and knowing what shape it’s in can save money, time, and your home from damage. A simple roof inspection each fall starts the cooler months with peace of mind. First, ensure no impediments, such as large branches rest or hang over the roof. Items like branches can break under the weight of heavy snow and damage the roof. Check the condition of your roof shingles. Inspect each shingle carefully and look for worn, missing, or loose shingles. Damaged shingles can allow water into the home. If you see any problems with your shingles check your attic for water damage. While in the attic, be sure it is properly insulated. If the insulation is faulty it can lead to warm air escaping from the attic. This warm air can melt the bottom layer of snow on your roof, causing it to run down the roof before it refreezes at the eaves, creating an ice dam. Ice dams are the number one cause of damage to roofs, and often lead to expensive repairs. Next, take a peek at your gutters and downspouts. Remove any existing leaves, debris, or blockages, and make sure the downspouts drain appropriately.

Heated roof valley and edge
A low-voltage roof de-icing system installed along roof valley and eaves.

Warmzone offers a large selection of roof de-icing systems that can customized to fit the needs and budget of any homeowner. Warmzone’s state-of-the-art self-regulating heat cable is perfect for almost any application. It is affordable and effectively helps to facilitate runoff and prevent ice dams. Its rugged construction allows it to withstand harsh winter conditions. Because it is self-regulating, the heating core increases output when the temperature falls and decreases output when temperature rises. The system can also be activated manually if necessary. Its affordability, flexibility, and efficiency are what make it the choice of customers across the nation. 

Another option is low-voltage RoofHeat STEP. This is one of the most efficient systems available on the market. The heating element features thin, flexible, polymer heating panels that can be installed underneath roof shingles and even metal roofs. The low-voltage polypropylene-fused heating elements also ensure each panel is waterproof and protected from alkaline and salt damage. It is available in 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-inch wide rolls, making it convenient for installation in a wide variety of unique layouts. Roof de-icing systems can also be combined to create the optimal solution for your home. For instance, a low-voltage system can be installed along the roof eaves while self-regulating heat cable can be used to heat gutters and downspouts. Warmzone de-icing systems can help homeowners ensure that their home is ready for winter’s onslaught.

Warmzone customer service professionals can help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs and budget. Warmzone’s industry-leading customer service is unmatched, and will help to ensure a hassle-free purchase and installation.  Contact Warmzone today at 888-488-9276 to speak with a customer service professional who can help you with winter prep today!