Radiant Heat Technology

Snow Melting Systems: Technology For the Ages

While radiant heated driveways are viewed as a relatively modern convenience, you might be surprised to know that radiant heat has been around since antiquity. The Romans actually utilized raised-slab floors and an exterior wood fired furnace to heat their villas. As hot gases from the furnace would enter the house below floor level, they were naturally drawn through the floors up and out of the walls, radiating heat along the way.

Of course, radiant heat technology has come a long way. Durable, easily installed and inconspicuous, it clears the driveways and sidewalks we travel on, and warms our floors (along with our soles). Great news if you’ve ever considered a heated driveway in your future!

Today’s heated driveways are made up of three main elements: the heating element, the controller and the snow sensor or activation device. Controlled by either a wall-mounted control box, snow melting systems can be activated manually; or, with the help of sensors, automatically as conditions change.

ClearZone radiant heat cable comes with several benefits. Safely installed in new concrete pours, under pavers and in harsh, high-temperature new asphalt projects, it delivers unmatched durability. ClearZone cable can be customized to meet performance and space requirements for virtually any snowmelt project. Featuring a unique, maintenance-free design, a 10-year manufacturers warranty and the quickest response time, ClearZone cable is built to consistently outperform the competition.

Warmzone’s compact 6 x 3.5-inch wall-mounted snowmelt control unit monitors the activity of the entire heated driveway system. The snowmelt control unit can be switched on/off (standby) and the heating system can be forced on in case of blowing snow or ice formation due to wind or shade. It features manual override capability, and can also be controlled using an external signal, from a day/week timer, GSM-module or other signal source.

When moisture is present and the preset temperature is reached, it is the snow sensor—whether aerial-mounted or pavement-mounted —that relays the information to the controller to activate the snow melting system. Once the trigger temperature is set, the sensor switch will only activate a radiant heated driveway when needed, saving energy and operating costs.

As radiant heat technology has evolved, the ease of installation and the chief benefits of snow melting systems–efficiency and convenience–make heated driveways more compelling than ever. Warmzone can install heated driveways during pre- or post-construction phases, in almost any medium. The good news—with so much expertise and experience, Warmzone can easily customize a snowmelt system solution that’s right for you, and your budget.

Warmzone Unveils New Website

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 3, 2011 – Warmzone, the premier provider of radiant heat products and services, announced the unveiling of its newly designed Website (www.warmzone.com). The revamped site features improved navigation, new product offerings, and a wealth of radiant heat information.

The content driven site serves as an information resource for homeowners and construction professionals alike who are considering the installation of a radiant heat system. A comprehensive collection of informative articles and blogs, as well as monthly newsletters and detailed product comparisons are easily accessible through the site’s “Pressroom” and “FAQ” sections. According to Warmzone Executive VP of Systems Design and Engineering, Brandon Weaver, consumers deserve to have as much current information as possible at their fingertips, which is why Warmzone prides itself on providing a comprehensive online radiant heat resource for consumers.

“Homeowners are carefully researching and comparing before making any significant purchases nowadays,” Weaver explained. “We want to make it easy for consumers to learn about radiant heat and get answers to their questions. As they learn more about the various systems and options available, we believe the more attractive our solutions become. Our goal is to serve as a partner by providing the most efficient, cost-effective solution for each customer.”

As one of the largest providers of complete radiant heat solutions, Warmzone partners with several manufactures to offer the widest selection of radiant heat products at the lowest prices possible. The new website showcases the various floor heating and snow melting systems and identifies the specific characteristics and advantages of each solution. Because Warmzone has cultivated relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers, the website is not limited to a single brand or type of radiant heat solution. Rather, the website serves as a truly informative site that includes accurate information about the most proven, reputable products.

Free quotes are also available through Warmzone.com. With a couple of clicks, consumers can submit a form with their specific project details. Warmzone will then evaluate the information and respond with a detailed project estimate, at no cost or obligation.

For more information on electric radiant heating, visit: www.warmzone.com or call a Warmzone consultant directly at 888.488.WARM (9276).


About WARMZONE – Premier Radiant Heating

WARMZONE is a privately owned and operated business headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah. With a staff of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, Warmzone routinely provides radiant heat solutions throughout the United States and Canada. Warmzone’s business model focuses on providing each of its customers with the ability to design, plan and purchase custom radiant heating systems.

Green Heating for Your Home

Everyone seems to be seeing green nowadays. Words like “energy efficient, green construction” and “biodegradable” are used on a daily basis, and most of us believe that buying products with these labels means we are doing our part to save the environment. Auto makers jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon, advertising vehicles that are gas-friendly to gas-free, which basically means 30 MPG and can run on mostly renewable E85 ethanol. What mostly renewable means, you’ll have to ask General Motors and Ford. Taking into account that Europe is considering implementing a 60 MPG minimum on cars, these early “gas friendly” cars look not-so-friendly.

One possible way to be more green or to incorporate green construction into an existing home, is investing in products that run on renewable energy such as electricity rather than fossil fuels. It’s true that most of the world’s electricity is produced using coal, nuclear, and natural gas. While this may not seem like a better alternative, consider the totally renewable energy sources of electricity such as solar, hydro and wind. As fossil fuels become scarcer, these renewable energy sources will be the forefront in energy production.

So where can you start? Most homes in America are heated using gas, and most of us can’t ignore the rising costs. Lowering the thermostat to barely tolerable temperatures may be your solution, but if you have children who are blissfully ignorant about the cost of heating, they have probably been tempted once or twice to warm things up when you weren’t looking. An alternative heating to gas that is hugely popular in Europe, and one that your children are guaranteed to love, is radiant heat.

Oddly enough, radiant heat is actually the oldest form of heating homes, originating all the way back to the Romans. Yeah, they were pretty smart. When most of us think of radiant heat, we think of hydronic technology. For those of you who are still in the dark, a hydronic system heats the floor of a home through a heated water loop or underground piping.  Drawbacks to these types of systems are a significant rise in the height of the floor, high cost, and difficulty to install.

An even better form of radiant heating runs on electricity. There is no magic behind it, just a wire or cable that is easily installed beneath hardwood, tile, cement and even carpet. Some systems don’t raise the floor at all, while others result in less than a half an inch of floor buildup, and much of the system can be installed by any ambitious do-it-yourselfer. The best part? It is energy efficient, consuming only 12 watts per square foot (many systems are even less), and you are able to heat your home comfortably at lower temperatures because the electric radiant heat warms all the objects it comes in contact with.

Allergy sufferers will be pleased to know that because electric radiant heating does not use forced air to heat, it won’t stir up dust, pollens, and other allergens in the air. Forced air heating systems also dry out your skin significantly, not to mention they take a fair amount of time to warm up your home. With radiant heated floors, your home heats up almost instantly, evenly and much more comfortably.

Something not easily digested is that America consumes 43 percent of the world’s motor gasoline, 25 percent of its crude petroleum, 25 percent of its natural gas, and 23 percent of its hard coal. Investing in energy efficient products that run on electricity, like electric radiant heat, just might cut down these numbers and make your home a green home. Not to mention make you feel a little better, make your home warmer, and your wallet just might be a little thicker.

Warmzone Cited in Wall Street Journal

Online Wall Street Journal Interviews Warmzone Sales Manager, Bryan Morris

The Wall Street Journal recently cited Warmzone Sales Manager, Bryan Morris, in an online article, “ The New Cold Warrior,” published January 19, 2011. The piece features an in-depth view of the various snow removal tools and methods that are available to homeowners nowadays; ranging from battery operated snow blowers and ergonomic shovels to fully automated radiant heat systems. The general emphasis of the article is that high-tech snow removal solutions are on the rise because they are not only easy on the driveway and surrounding property, but also on the body.

Much of the exposé was devoted to Warmzone, including a spotlight on one of its recent snow melting projects. Richard Silverstein of Chappaqua, N.Y., purchased the snow melting system from Warmzone for his home’s steep 8,000-square-foot stone-paver driveway and walkways around his outdoor hot tub. The 60-year-old neuro-ophthalmologist works out of his house and was concerned that patients and visitors might hurt themselves because of icy conditions. The Journal was particularly interested in the Silverstein job because of the size and scope of the project.

Dr. Silverstein emphasized that he didn’t want to be at the mercy of numerous plows and snow blowers, but instead wanted to be “stress free” during the winter months. That’s when he decided to explore the options for radiant heat. Bryan Morris was the Warmzone representative who answered Dr. Silverstein’s call. Together with a team of designers and electrical engineers, Morris worked to develop the extensive snow melting system.

“At Warmzone,” Morris stated, “we deal with a variety of affordable environmentally green products; ranging from interior floor heating solutions to heated driveways and snow melting systems that melt snow and ice from roofs, gutters, walkways, ramps, etc.  Our approach is to thoroughly understand our customer’s needs, recommend services and solutions to meet those needs, and to support them before, during and after the sale.”

As a leader of radiant heat solutions, Warmzone carries a host of industry-leading snow melting and radiant floor heating products. The company also provides professional radiant heat design services along with detailed CAD drawings of each radiant heat system.

The Wall Street Journal article further elaborated on the components of Warmzone’s automated snow melting systems in addition to the cost and benefits of electric radiant heating. For a FREE quote, or to learn more about Warmzone heated driveways, roof deicing or radiant heated floors, visit the Warmzone website or call a radiant heat expert today, at 888.488.9276.


More Than One Way to Heat a Driveway

When it comes to Radiant Heated Driveway Systems, you may have more Options than you Realize.

So you’ve decided that a radiant heated driveway is in your future, and may be asking, now what? If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable radiant heat solutions, look no further than Warmzone. As a trusted provider of quality radiant heat solutions, Warmzone has made a name for itself by offering the best selection and prices available on radiant snow melting systems and heated floors, and for providing a creative approach to finding solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Warmzone takes three general approaches to heated driveway installation. To keep paved areas completely clear and free of snow and ice, radiant heating cable can be installed underneath entire driveway and/or walkway surfaces. Other snow melting options include installing either an 8-10 foot wide strip of heating cable, or two 24-inch wide tracks of radiant heat cable up the middle or main traffic area of your driveway.

Heated driveway with brick pavers

Warmzone has built a reputation not only on their approach to a variety of radiant heat systems, but on their state-of-the-art products. ClearZone cable is durable resistance heat cable used to melt snow and ice in harsh weather conditions. It is built specifically for heated driveways, sidewalks and other common areas that require snow removal in the worst conditions. Easy to install and easily customizable, ClearZone heat cable provides an effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly snow removal solution that is virtually maintenance free.

ClearZone electric radiant snow melting cable is available in pre-configured sections, or mats, for easy installation. These snow melting mats are built specifically for electric heated driveway systems, sidewalks and other common areas. They’re designed for ease of installation and proper cable spacing for optimum snow melting efficiency, whether you choose to heat an entire driveway, or target high-traffic areas. They can be rolled out for safe installation in new concrete pours, under pavers and even in high-temperature new asphalt projects.

Custom Heated Driveways  (Continued)
Of course, you may not be ready to pour a new driveway right now. Perhaps the thought of rolling out ClearZone snow melting cables or mats over your existing pavement does not appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities. But don’t rule out a heated driveway in your future just yet. ClearZone radiant heat cable is easily retrofitted into existing surfaces. Using concrete saw-cut technology, grooves can be cut into existing concrete or asphalt. The ClearZone radiant heat cable is then laid into the grooves and sealed with a special epoxy topcoat for efficient, effective snow removal.

Choose Warmzone, and you not only benefit from cutting-edge radiant heat technologies, but a team of radiant heat specialists with the experience and the expertise to design a snowmelt system to satisfy your objectives and budget. From start to finish, our professional designers can evaluate your radiant heating system requirements, and based on this information, create a detailed CAD schematic of your heated driveway system layout. You’ll know the electrical requirements, technical specifications and system performance expectations before heat cable is installed with no costly installation surprises later on.

Snow melting system installed under pavers

Warmzone stands proudly by the quality of our products and services. Our radiant heat products are tested and proven to be among the best in the industry. Call Warmzone today. Your initial consultation and project estimate is absolutely free.

For more information on radiant heated driveways, radiant floor heating, or roof deicing and gutter trace systems, browse our web site or call 888.488.9276 today.