The Coolest Driveways are Heated Driveways

New homeowners and construction professionals in cold-climate regions have discovered that radiant heated driveways can’t be beat. It’s easy to understand why as you drive through any new neighborhood in the winter and spot the sleek heated concrete, asphalt or paver heated driveways, completely free of snow and ice.

But just what are the primary benefits of radiant heat? Well, if you’re one of those who is considering taking the leap to radiant heat, then consider these ten benefits of radiant snow melting systems.

Heated driveway with brick pavers

1. Radiant heated driveways are fully automated. When temperatures are below a certain set point and the snow sensor detect precipitation, the system will be activated. This state-of-the art automated radiant heating system only turns on when needed and shuts off afterwards, keeping your bill affordable.

2. Electric heated driveway systems require no maintenance. This means you can sip your hot cocoa from your window and taunt the schmuck next door who is losing the battle of the blizzard one shovelful at a time.

3. Heated driveways can be easily customized. Got a funky driveway design? No problem. Radiant heated driveways can be designed and installed in any unique driveway, sidewalk, or outdoor application.

4. Everyone loves a heated driveway, and you know what that means? Installing a heated driveway system just bumped up your property value from “meh” to “SOLD!”

5. A radiant heated driveway is an easy, no-frills way for you to go green. Driveway heating systems use renewable energy, which is a big thumbs up from Mother Nature. Additionally, heated driveways eliminate the need for that nasty salt that can wreak havoc on neighboring plants.

6. Durability is a heated driveway’s middle name. The radiant heat cables used are designed to withstand winter’s best attempts to destroy your driveway. Plus, Warmzone snow melting systems come with a 10-year warranty that covers up to twice the cost of the original installation. Yes, heated driveways are built to last, which means you do nothing but sit back and relax with snow-free peace of mind for a lifetime.

7. Electric heated driveway systems are relatively easy to install. With a little help from us and some ambition, you can have your heated driveway up and running in no time.

8. Radiant heated driveways can be installed under virtually any surface, including asphalt, concrete, tile, brick pavers―you name it. Having a snow-free driveway doesn’t mean sacrificing on aesthetics. You can have whatever surface you want just how you want it―delightfully snow- and ice-free.

9. Warmzone radiant snow melting systems feature rapid response times. An electric radiant heated driveway heats up to 30 percent faster than other snowmelt systems, meaning you get better performance fast. What’s more, it produces only 35-50 watts per square foot, getting you more snowmelt for your money.

10. Heated driveway systems enhance safety for you and your family. Consider slipping and falling on snow and ice a fiasco of the past. Even better―you’ll never have to deal with strained backs and blistered hands again. In fact, maybe you can give it to the neighbor. He’ll need it.

Whether it’s springtime, summer or fall, plan ahead and install a heated driveway system today to ensure a winter of peace and satisfaction. Once that first snowfall rolls around, you’ll be happy to finally say that your radiant heated driveway is cooler than your neighbor’s snow-laden driveway.

How Snow Melting Systems Work

Premier Snow Melting Cable

As the most durable, versatile and long-lasting radiant heat cable on the market, ClearZone heat cable is the most trusted radiant snowmelt solution available. Combined with Warmzone’s advanced master control unit, the snow melting cable can be installed in virtually any snowmelt application and can even withstand the heat and compression of newly poured asphalt.

Industry Leading Warranty
Warmzone offers the premier heat cable that carries the industry’s most comprehensive warranty. Unlike other heat cable warranties, the cable that Warmzone carries not only provides a 10-year warranty for the cable, but also the labor costs associated with replacing any defective cable. Simply put, Warmzone snow melting cable is unparalleled in all aspects of performance, reliability, longevity and manufacturer support.

Snow Melting System Control Unit
Electric heated driveway systems utilize a small wall-mounted control unit to power the snow melting system. The master controllers include line and load terminal blocks and operating contactors.

Controller for an automated snow melting system

The snowmelt system controller features a built-in, easy-to-use programmable timer and digital operator interface with manual override capability. The unit is compact, durable and efficient, further complementing the overall performance of the ClearZone snowmelt system.

Using readings from temperature and moisture sensors, the controller ensures economical control of power consumption when keeping outdoor areas free of ice and snow. A moisture sensor is installed in the surface of the driveway. As soon as moisture is detected, the controller activates the snow melting system. Once the sensor has dried out, the thermostat immediately switches off the heating system.

Radiant Snowmelt System Activation Device
Warmzone radiant snowmelt systems come standard with an aerial-mounted snow sensor. This highly sophisticated, yet durable device automatically activates the driveway snowmelt system when certain conditions are met, and has several notable features, including: adjustable temperature trigger point, adjustable delay off cycle, upgrade-able remote activation, and it is smart-system compatible.

Pavement-mounted snow sensors are also available, but are more commonly used in commercial applications. These devices allow the radiant snow melting system to be 100 percent automated, activating only when it snows. Manual mode allows you to activate the system in case the wind blows snow on the driveway or ice forms due to wind or shade.

Spring Unsprung with Radiant In-Floor Heating

The Cold is Fleeting but Your In-Floor Heating is Still Working Efficiently

The season we’ve all been waiting for is slowly starting to creep into our neighborhoods. Snow and cold temperatures are receding and spring is quickly becoming un-sprung. At last we can leave the house without seven different layers of warmth. There are still a few chilly days ahead for some climates, and the nights tend to still be nippy, so using your in-floor radiant heating system is still the best way to counter cold floors and keep your home warm. Radiant heat is an efficient way to take the edge off any frosty room or area of your home, and floor heating systems provide a luxurious warmth that spreads evenly throughout your home.

Each room – or zone – can operate independently because each zone has its own thermostat. There is really no better or more exact way to warm specific areas and rooms in your home. With radiant floor heating systems the heat initially caresses your feet before rising to warm the rest of your living area. Unlike forced air systems that require the furnace to operate at maximum level regardless of how many vents you close, radiant heat can be precisely controlled and no energy is wasted.

When spring blooms full force and the need for around the clock heating is no longer as pressing, using a lower setting on your in floor heating system will keep the chill at bay without needing to crank out large amounts of forced heated air. Radiant floor heating is a home heating system that can work for you year round and you won’t feel the sting of your energy bill working year round. The in-floor heating cables run radiant heat smartly from the floor to the ceiling so you don’t lose unwanted heat when it rises right out of sight. The heat will literally radiate all through your home and ease the stress of finding a cost-effective, energy-efficient means of heating your home. Check out the many different radiant floor heating and snow melting solutions available from Warmzone.

A Volcano of Heat for Towels

Towel Warmers Permeate Warmth from Top to Bottom

We don’t expect you to literally want a volcano creating havoc in your bathroom spewing molten lava all over the place, but if you can picture heat just like lava pouring over your towels then you have a good visual on the warming perks of having a wall-mount bathroom heater with a towel warming bar hung next to your shower or bathtub. Towel warmers provide efficient, comfortable heat for most sized bathroom with the added benefit of warming your towels for a toasty, luxurious treat after a bath or shower.

Wall heater and towel warmer

The first few steps out of warm water can be brutal and uncomfortable. You must move fast enough to wipe the chilling water from your skin as your teeth begin to chatter and you curse your skin’s automatic cooling response. Having a warm towel to wrap around your body is a great solution to that post shower chill and teeth chattering moment. A towel warmer and bathroom heater envelops you in welcoming heat, never as hot as a volcano of course, but very soothing. A wall-mounted heat with a towel warming rack offers easy installation and elegant design. Clearly we don’t wish a natural disaster to strike your bathroom, but having the warmth much like a volcano is a most welcome benefit after a long relaxing shower or soak in your tub.

Dream Big with In-Floor Radiant Heat

Don’t Limit Yourself When it Comes to Home Heating

Your mom and dad always told you to reach for the stars and to dream big. Now you are all grown up and it seems very little in life helps us actually feel like we’re achieving those big dreams. But when it comes to your home heating you can be a hero in your own right. You can dream of heating your house all the way to the sky, or at the very least from your floor to your ceiling. In-floor radiant heating can do that very thing. Radiant heat cables beneath your floor surface allow the radiant heat to permeate your home with comfortable warmth from the floor all the way to the ceiling.

Heated hardwood floor

It may not be feasible to send your heat all the way to the sky, but there’s no reason you can’t aim for at least the top of your wall paper. Home heating is simpler than ever with radiant heated floors. The heating cables coil quietly beneath the surface of your carpet and emit constant, comforting warmth throughout the room or the whole house if you are lucky enough (or smart enough) to install it in each room of your home. Each room can operate with its own floor heating thermostat, so you have precise control when it comes to efficiently heating only the rooms in your home that you choose. With forced air systems, you can close the vents the rooms where you don’t need the heat, but the furnace still operates at the same level. With radiant heated floors, you can choose exactly what rooms to heat so you don’t waste any energy. Now that’s a smart way to warm your floors and heat your home.

In addition to in-floor heating being an energy efficient method of home heating, radiant heat systems also cut down on unwanted dust and allergens as well, which are two notorious downfalls of forced air. Go big, dream big, and heat big – without the BIG utility bill. With in-floor radiant heating you’ll be achieving the best in home heating

Change Your Mind About Radiant Heat

Nervous About Radiant Heat Being Tough to Install? Think Again.

We may not be able to change your mind about a lot of things. We probably can’t motivate you to switch your loyalty of a favorite sports team, eat sushi if seafood repels you, or read romance novels if you are a hardcore mystery reader, but we may be able to help convince you that do-it-yourself radiant heating projects are well within your grasp. Radiant floor heating is easier than ever to install by yourself or with your buddy as you cheer on that favorite sports team in the background.

Warmzone professionals design and can help you lay out the proper radiant floor heating system and make sure you purchase the proper equipment and right amount of heat cable for your space. There are easy to read installation manuals found online and instructional videos you can watch to help you change your mind about this home improvement project. If having a warm floor is always something you’ve thought sounded good, but you were always nervous to tackle the installation, there is hope for you and your cold floors yet. Having a heated floor will add value to your home and your everyday life. Contact Warmzone today and have one of the heated floor experts help change, or rather ease your mind about installing radiant heated flooring today.