Automated Heated Driveways

Radiant Heated Driveways Work Only When Needed

It’s rare to get around-the-clock reassurance with consumer products, yet a radiant heated driveway offers just that. Once you install a heated driveway, you quickly become the neighbor that has the heated driveway that automatically warms the driveway during a snowstorm in the day or the night – and then shutoffs afterwards. This means you sail through the winter with relative ease. The manual back-breaking labor you once dreaded after a storm is limited to sweeping a few particles of snow off your welcome mat at your front door.

Heated concrete driveway for mountain lodge

Radiant heated driveways come with a smart snow sensor that is always working. This doesn’t mean your heat cables are always on. The radiant heated driveway uses sensors to detect temperatures and amounts of snowfall and activate the radiant heating system, only when needed. This means that you’ll cut down on energy costs and eliminate the need for snowmelt chemicals or rock salt.

Radiant heated driveways communicate with the snow sensor that is programmed to activate the system when needed (usually when it detects precipitation and temperatures are below 39°Fahrenheit). The sensor signals the controller (typically installed on the wall in the garage) when conditions warrant and the controller then sends power to the heat cables to heat the driveway as the first snowflake hits. Afterwards, the system shuts off.

The driveway heating system also features manual override capability, so you can melt snowdrifts or ice that may have formed in a shady area. The snow sensor for a heated driveway system is typically installed on the side of your roof where it can accurately sense temperature and snowfall conditions. Once your heated driveway is installed, it can work without your presence, around the clock, reliably, and confidently

Even When the Four Winds Blow, You’ll Have Heated Floors

Colder Temperatures Outside Don’t Have to Mean Colder Floors Inside

The winds can be howling, the temperatures dipping, the ice forming, and the dogs barking and yet you can escape it all just by walking inside to find your cozy, comforting, warmth providing radiant floor heating hard at work to keep your home steadily warm. Heated floors are the newest craze sweeping new home building, but it’s not just reserved for new construction. Radiant heat can be installed beneath your existing floors. Radiant floor heating works especially well for areas of your home that always seem to be chilled; even better if those floors typically have colder surfaces, such as tilehardwood, or linoleum.

Radiant floor heating is masterful at maintaining steady, welcome heat throughout your floors. Even on the coldest days outside, you can walk inside and immediately feel the radiant heat hard at work touching every surface it comes into contact with. Heat rises, so it only makes sense that heat cables installed in your floor would make a difference in the way your home feels each day. Installing radiant heat can be done year round and the benefits realized as soon as the cold weather returns. Radiant floor heating is a smart choice for a smaller bathroom, or kitchen, or basement bedroom and also powerful enough to heat an entire home efficiently and effectively

Now is the Time to Reflect on what Radiant Heat can do for You

Realize the Potential of Radiant Heating Technology

We’ve all heard the term to “unleash the power” of something. Athletes use it, business men use it, lovers of power tools use it, and now you too can throw it into your everyday vernacular when it comes to unleashing the power of radiant heat. Radiant heat can do so much for you personally and yet you may not yet realize the true potential magnificence of radiant heating technology.


For example, did you know that the principles of radiant heat may now warm your entire home for a fraction of the energy costs your regular furnace can? Radiant floor heat is sweeping the home building world and for good reason. Radiant floor heating systems provide steady and even warmth throughout a room. The heat rises, as heat is designed to naturally do and it permeates all it comes into contact with. Radiant heated floors heat the entire room from the ground all the way to the ceiling. You’ll find your furniture casting a more warming glow, your flooring oozes warmth, and your family internalizes the warming glow and smiles a whole lot more.

Radiant heat can also be applied outdoors. Why heat the outdoors you ask? Well, that is a great question and if you live where there is significant snow fall ask yourself what you would give to never shovel another back-breaking pound of snow off your driveway. Chances are you would be willing to at least query the principles of a heated driveway. You’ll probably be talked into a snow melting system in a matter of minutes. The same theory applies to your roof, where snow and ice and quickly accumulate and cause damage. Radiant roof heating cables are yet another reason radiant heat is making a mark on consumer’s pocket books. Notice I said making a mark, not breaking the bank. If you investigate radiant heating technology in any of the above mentioned forms you will be pleasantly surprised that not only are they affordable but they can enhance your quality of life

Radiant Floor Heating – Plain, Simple and Luxurious

Floor Heating Systems are Easier than You Think

When most of us think about our home heating system, we think of a complicated maze of air ducts, furnaces and vents. The installation of a central heating system is well beyond the expertise of the average homeowner, but what about a radiant floor heating system?

Installing radiant heat for heated bathroom floor

Advances in radiant heat technology have come a long way since radiant under floor heating was first introduced, and electric floor heating systems are environmentally friendly because they run more efficiently than the average furnace and run independent of harmful fossil fuels.

On top of all that, radiant heat provides unparalleled comfort and even-heating. Forced air cannot compete with the steady and efficient warmth put forth by radiant heated floors. A common misconception about radiant heating is that it can only go beneath hard surfaces such as tile. While heated tile floors are indeed great options for radiant heat, they are not the only option available.

Heated bathroom floor

Warmzone has several electric radiant floor heating solutions for virtually any type of flooring. You can even do most of the floor heating installation yourself. If you want to start small with a bathroom, electric radiant heating systems make it easy to heat small areas. Each room has its own thermostat, so you can heat only where you want, without having to waste in other parts of your home. Because radiant floor heating is so plain and simple, the plain and simple fact is that you’ll want radiant heat for your entire home!

Brighten Up the Dark of Winter with Home Heating Upgrades

Add Electric Panel Heaters and Save Money Too

Believe it or not, adding energy-efficient electric heating can save you money. Sounds like music to your ears about now doesn’t it? The economy downturn has given us all pause to look at our finances. Sure on the surface adding more gadgets, devices, or instruments to your home may sound initially expensive. Adding anything to your home heating may seem beyond your financial reach. This isn’t true if you go about it wisely.

ECO-heater wall panel heater

Did you know that by simply supplementing your home heating with energy-efficient electric heating devices you can save money on your monthly heating bill? It’s true. Some areas of your home heating may not be working as optimally as you’d desire. Cold bathrooms and basements are prime suspects. Consider placing an electric wall-mounted heater in those areas and the safe and energy-efficient heating that results will help cut your heating expenses. Your current system won’t have to work quite as hard to heat those tough to reach spaces, because your electric heater is pulling some of the weight. It is possible to brighten up the dark and dreary winter by augmenting your home heating with wall, baseboard, and pedestal heaters.

Warmzone Growth Continues

Warmzone Moves Headquarters to Larger Facility

Salt Lake City, Utah (PR WEB) – March 2, 2012Warmzone, a leading provider of radiant heat solutions has announced that it is moving its corporate headquarters from downtown Salt Lake City to a much larger facility in Draper, Utah on March 5, 2012. Located just 18 miles south of the old Warmzone headquarters, the new facility boasts greater office space and increased warehouse capabilities.

In spite of the sluggish economy and recent economic challenges, Warmzone has continued to experience growth, necessitating the move into a larger building. The new facility will allow Warmzone to significantly increase the amount of inventory it has in its Utah facility, which will ultimately translate into even quicker service for Warmzone customers.

“We feel fortunate that we’ve been able to grow our business in these difficult times,” stated Executive Vice President, Brandon Weaver, “and we attribute the growth to our superior customer service and support. In today’s economy, people are demanding more in an effort to stretch their dollars, and it’s not enough to just offer competitive pricing. Businesses have to earn customers’ trust and provide expert service from beginning to end.”

In addition to Warmzone’s preeminent customer services, the company offers a wide variety of proven radiant heating solutions, ranging from heated driveways and floor heating solutions to roof deicing and portable snow melting systems. This allows Warmzone to offer the ideal solution for the unique needs of each customer. Every project is carefully evaluated and designed prior to any installation. Given the wide product offering and renowned customer services, Warmzone’s growth seems a natural progression.

“We’re looking forward to settling into the new building,” Weaver added. “The move will certainly benefit our customers. One thing’s for certain,” he concluded, “we will continue to focus on what got us here, and that’s our superior products and our industry leading service.”