An Evening Under the Stars with Outdoor Home Heating

Entertain Guest After the Sun Goes Down with an Outdoor Heater

Outdoor heating is slowly catching on as we all attempt to lengthen our summers and thwart the early nip in the air. Each of us long to spend more and more time outside enjoying the fresh air of fall, which proves tricky once the temperatures shift and dip. There are effective solutions to this problem with Warmzone’s line of radiant heat systems. You can install radiant heat around a fire pit and prolong your summer and fall nights under the starts.

Outdoor heating with patio heater

Outdoor entertaining is more popular than ever and more hosts/hostesses want to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for their guests. Outdoor heaters can give much needed time to an evening under the stars. Wine and dine your guests as the sun sets and the air takes on the cooling temperatures of dusk. You can light your fire in your fire pit for a glowing, more intimate setting or fire up your stand alone outdoor heaters and let guest mingle beneath their cast off warmth. Jackets and evening wraps will not be in demand since your overall atmosphere will have a warm and cozy feel to it thanks to your outdoor home heating products from Warmzone.

Bathroom Heat and Towel Warmer

Towel Warmers Radiate Warmth from Top to Bottom

We don’t expect you to literally want a volcano creating havoc in your bathroom spewing molten lava all over the place, but if you can picture heat just like lava pouring over your towels then you have a good visual on the warming perks of having an attractive bathroom heater with a towel warming bar hung next to your shower or bathtub. Towel warmers provide efficient, comfortable heat for most sized bathroom with the added benefit of warming your towels for a toasty, luxurious treat after a bath or shower.

Wall heater and towel warmer

The first few steps out of warm water can be brutal and uncomfortable. You must move fast enough to wipe the chilling water from your skin as your teeth begin to chatter and you curse your skin’s automatic cooling response. Having a warm towel to wrap around your body is a great solution to that post shower chill and teeth chattering moment. A towel warmed by a bathroom heater envelops you in welcoming heat, never as hot as a volcano of course, but very soothing. A wall-mounted heat with a towel warming rack offers easy installation and elegant design. Clearly we don’t wish a natural disaster to strike your bathroom, but having the warmth much like a volcano is a most welcome benefit after a long relaxing shower or soak in your tub. Warmzone also carries a variety of other home heating amenities.

Do Your Radiant Heat Project Right With Warmzone

We can Help With Complimentary Consulting, Design and Post-Sales Support Services

If you’re currently shopping radiant floor heating solutions for your home, it’s important to choose a company that can deliver competitive prices, complete system design, and post sales support in equal measure. Warmzone can do just that. The folks at Warmzone have one goal in mind—to offer the best radiant products in the industry and professionals to help with all aspects of your project, making the sale, design and installation as smooth as possible.

You’ll get more for your money with a Warmzone radiant heat system than any competitor. At Warmzone, you’ll benefit from:

  • Radiant experts with the most industry experience
  • Non-biased radiant heat information based on your specific needs
  • In-house expertise to help you with any concerns you or your client might have, including:

Mechanical Engineers / Designers – Warmzone will custom engineer and provide a detailed layout for each job.
Technical Installation Support – We will support you through all aspects of the installation.
Hydronic Experts – Assist with all the details of your designs, installation and applications.

Heated tile floor

A diverse selection of top quality products and unmatched support services during and after installation are key points that separate Warmzone from the competition. Your Warmzone purchase entitles you to an impressive menu of professional support services. From conception to completion, Warmzone’s master electrician and other installation experts are always on hand to assist you with your radiant heat project, if and when you need it.

Before you make any formal purchase decision, you’ll benefit from a thorough assessment of your project. Warmzone’s professional team of mechanical engineers / designers will evaluate your radiant heating system from top to bottom and create a detailed CAD of your system layout. You’ll have a clear understanding of the electrical requirements, technical specifications and system performance before any heat cable is installed.

Warmzone recognizes that radiant heat systems are only as good as the installation. They will work closely with you to ensure proper system installation, long after your initial purchase is completed; and stay with you until your radiant heat system is installed and working properly, to your complete satisfaction.

The fact is, when it comes to radiant heat, you simply won’t find a more knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff than the folks at Warmzone. Their consultants are highly trained, experienced radiant heat professionals; craftsman who take pride in meeting your needs and are willing to listen. A wide selection of top radiant heat products also gives these professionals the opportunity for honest, unbiased recommendations that fit your needs, from actual heat requirements, to budgetary concerns and project timing.

If you’re going to install radiant heat, then do it right. Use the best products and work with the most experienced, knowledgeable professionals available. A radiant heat system is only as good as its installation, so it makes sense to go with the experienced pros at Warmzone, who offer the best customer service and installation support in the business.

Warmzone: The Most Comprehensive Online Information Resource

Warmzone’s heating up the web as the largest digital radiant heat information and resource provider

If you’re in the market for a radiant heat solutions provider, but waffling on which one to choose, it’s worth putting Warmzone at the top of your list. Because radiant heat is a relatively new technology for many consumers, Warmzone is dedicated to providing convenient, clear information to their customers, a philosophy that begins with interactions between customer and radiant heat expert, and extends to the web.

Heated driveway on incline with heated tire tracks

You’ll find the most comprehensive digital library of radiant heat information and resources available today at, including downloadable versions of installation manuals, user guides, installation manuals, cross section diagrams and more, available to you, 24/7:

Articles Read on all types of radiant heat applications, from small home floor heating projects to large industrial snow melting systems. You’ll undoubtedly find what you’re looking for in our vast online catalog of radiant heat articles.

NewsBlogs These blogs cover many, many topics ranging from indoor radiant heat systems to driveway heating, roof deicing and radiant snow melting systems. You’ll enjoy firsthand accounts from real radiant heat customers, including professional installers and “do-it-yourself” homeowners, as well as installation tips, “how-to” guides, product comparisons and information.

Press Releases Get up-to-the-minute Warmzone company news and radiant heat product information, including late-breaking industry information and product releases. Or search the archive for past and current industry trends, news and more.

Warmzone University Instructional Video Library —You’ll find lots and lots of television clips as well as installation videos on Warmzone, and various types of radiant heat systems; including broadcasts from the Bob Vila show, the Do-it-Yourself television network, and the Platinum Television Group’s feature of Warmzone on its education series, Great Tastes.

HotNews —Tap into the company newsletter for the most current radiant heat industry information, HotNews. There’s something for everyone—whether you’re a homeowner or a radiant heat installer, you’ll find up-to-date industry news, insightful project spotlights, new product information, technical tips and more.

In addition to these superior online resources, Warmzone offers an unparalleled menu of energy efficient alternatives to traditional heating systems, backed by the experience necessary to truly your needs and propose a radiant heat system that will provide the results you desire without weeks of research. Warmzone has formed relationships with companies worldwide that are best in class, allowing them to offer the highest quality, proven products at the best prices available. Check them out today at, or call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 to start planning your next radiant heat project.

Radiant Floor Heat, You are a Superstar

Radiant Heat Has Star Quality

Seriously, what’s not to love about radiant floor heat? This affordable, energy efficient method of home heating is fast becoming a superstar in home improvement projects as well as the first go-to heating method of new construction. If you have a home or an office building and you live in a cold climate you will have to install some form of heating. Radiant floor heat has some star qualities that might help you decide to install a heated floor system.

Superstar Qualities of Radiant Floor Heat Include:

Silent Operation: The way a radiant floor heating system is installed allows it to be virtually noiseless when operating. This quiet operation is more relaxing for everyone inhabiting the dwelling or building.

Air Quality: Without the forced air from a furnace stirring up the air, creating dust particles, you enjoy a higher quality of air when using radiant floor heat. This aids those with allergies and helps to keep dust accumulation lower.

Heat Distribution: Using radiant heat means the entire space/room gets warmth thanks to the even distribution of radiant heat.

Comfort: Tile, hardwood, or laminate surfaces tend to get very cold in the winter. Heated floors gives the added benefit of warming luxury as you walk across an evenly heated floor.

Energy Efficient : You are more likely to feel warmer with your system set at a lower temperature which means your system doesn’t have to work as hard to reach your comfort temperatures and also doesn’t have to work as long, running only when you set it to run at the exact temperature you specify.

Appearance: Underfloor heat means just that; all the equipment is underneath your floor so there are no unsightly heat vents to vacuum around or arrange furniture to accommodate