Can I have Driveway Heating with an Odd Shaped Driveway?

Custom Heated Driveways

The nice thing (or at least one of the nicest things) about driveway heating is that it is versatile and flexible enough to accommodate different shapes of driveways and sidewalks. Straight or curved, looped or choppy, driveway heat can be applied to almost any size or shape. Once the snow melting system is in place, whatever shape it may be, you are assured that snow melting will occur seamlessly and effortlessly all winter long.

Heated patio and sidewalks
Heated patio and sidewalk.

Having a driveway heating expert help you design your system is probably the best advice we can give. Someone with knowledge about the different types of cables and heating systems will be able to identify your unique needs pertaining to the driveway heating project you are hoping to accomplish. An expert can lay out the proper heating cable scenarios, estimate how much cable you’ll need and how installation should be done.

Radiant heated driveways can span an entire driveway or just tire paths in cases where the driveway is long and winding, making the costs a bigger issue. Regardless of where your heated driveway needs to run, Warmzone can aid you in making informed decisions about which type of radiant snow melting system would suit you best and how to tackle the installation. Heating cables that lie coiled beneath your driveway add convenience, value, and efficiency to your home.

Fever Dreams and In Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating Offers Heat Around the Clock

This time of year there are epic bugs going around being shared from shopping cart to door handles to school libraries back to your front door, making us all susceptible to getting sick. Fevers offer that awful feeling of being a million degrees then swinging to the other side of the spectrum in chilled shakes. One thing I’ve always felt happy about when I have a fever accompanied by the aches and pains associated with that pleasant buggy feeling, is that radiant floor heating is never too hot or too cold when I’m sick. In floor heating just always feels good.

Radiant heated floors provide consistent warmth and comfort around the clock. No matter what time of day or night you find yourself wandering zombie like to and from bed, your feet will be taken care of with appropriate levels of heat. (Or, you can program the system so that it only heats just before you get up in the morning and then shuts off in the evening when you go to bed.) Even in your haziest fever dreams you’ll be able to get to the bathroom or kitchen in relative comfort. Radiant floor heat is especially nice for the times you are chilled to the bone and can’t seem to get warm enough, no matter how many layers you’ve piled on. No one will judge you if you lay right down on the warmest spot of your radiant heated floor and soak in the power of radiant heat. The beauty about radiant heat is that is spreads around to make contact with everything in its path. In floor heat is consistent and affordable and luxurious even in the fog of your deepest fevers.

How Much Space Do ECO-heaters Require?

Minimal Space Requirements, Maximum Heating

ECO-Heaters are compact thin electric panel heaters that mount on the wall and safely emit heat. One benefit of ECO-heaters is that they are mounted on the wall, saving valuable floor real estate. The heater dimensions are 23¼ x 23¼ x ⅜-inches and weighs approximately 15 pounds. Each heater package contains one 400 watt electric panel heater, mounting kit, installation instructions and Styrofoam packaging that also serves as a convenient mounting template.

ECO-heater panel heater

ECO-heaters are designed to be mounted approximately 6-8 inches above the floor, giving the heat a chance (and plenty of space) to rise and sufficiently heat a smaller space. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, even offices, the ECO-heater is an efficient method of heating a room. There is a ¾-inch gap between the heater and the wall allowing cold air to be drawn behind the heating panel. The gap is small enough to allow the cold air to heat quickly and rise from the gap at the top of the heating panel of the ECO-heater. Cool air cycles into the gap behind the heater as well and natural circulation of heated air cycles continually. This natural convection takes away the need for a fan, which increases the heater’s efficiency and decreases the need for more space devoted to this compact wall mounted heater. You can find them for less than $130, making them an affordable and compact way to heat any chilly space.

Tired of Shoveling, Plowing and Salting Snow?

Installing a Heated Driveway Makes Winter Easier to Bear

Are you among the millions out there thinking snow blows? Snow is a drag, a burden, a hazard, and a load many of us have to bear. Even though snow totally blows and every time you shovel your driveway you die a little inside, you may not know there is an affordable alternative to back-breaking snow removal – radiant heat.

A heated driveway is a snow removal treat well within reach. Driveway heating makes winter so much easier to bear, because instead of spending time and energy clearing your driveway, the fully-automated snow removal system does it for you.

Driveway heating is not a new invention but it is a new possibility for the average homeowner. Once deemed something only the uppity-ups could afford, driveway heating is showing up in new and not-so-new neighborhoods all over where the snow can be found in abundance. Radiant snow melting is accomplished by installing heat cable just beneath the surface of your driveway, connecting it to a power source, and installing a smart snow sensor that automatically detects when the system needs to power on. As long as there is snow and ice accumulating around it, the heated driveway stays clear and safe from the burden and hazards of piles of snow.

What Types of Radiant Snow Melting Systems are Available?

Driveway Heating and Roof Deicing Systems are Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

You can always count on unexpected expenses, especially if you own a home and are raising a family. Heck, just plain existing means that there will always be various financial surprises. Your daughter needs braces, the car breaks down, your wife needs an unexpected surgery, or the roof leaks. One way to avoid leaking roofs and other forms of snow damage is with radiant snow melting systems from Warmzone. While there are limitless combinations and ways to customize a snow melting system, there are two general types of a radiant snow melting systems available: driveway heating and roof deicing.

Heated patio and sidewalks

Automated snow melting systems can be designed for any size or shape of your driveway, walkway, ramp, steps or whatever. Driveway heating eliminates the need for harsh snowmelt chemicals and manual snow removal to keep snow and ice clear from your driveway or sidewalks. Heating cables are embedded beneath the surface of your driveway and when the system is engaged the cables warm the surface to eliminate snow and ice accumulation. Heated driveways use either electric or hydronic radiant heat technology for snow melting.

Roof deicing systems prevent ice dams and icicles from forming on your roof. Snow and ice melting systems are available for just about any roof configuration. With roof deicing you can also choose whether or not to use electric or hydronic heating systems. Roof deicing systems take cost, performance, and aesthetics into account, personalizing each to meet the customer’s needs.

Warmzone experts can help you navigate decisions on either type of snow melting system; driveway heating or roof deicing. And detailed system layouts are provided with each snow melting system, so you’ll know the exact power requirements and what to expect prior to any installation taking place. No one can match the expertise, customer service, installation support and friendliness of Warmzone.

Cut Down on Icicles with Roof Gutter Heating

Family and Guests are Safer Thanks to Roof Deicing

Icicles are really cool to look at. They are even fun to break and shatter into pieces onto the sidewalks below. Icicles are a good sign of upcoming warmer weather too, as they drip and shrink they predict the welcome upcoming spring. But as pretty as they are, icicles can also be incredibly dangerous. Icicles can fall without warning and small children, pets, and the elderly won’t be able to move out of the way fast enough. This often leads to injuries that could otherwise be avoided. Many business owners and homeowners alike worry about the best way to keep to their patrons and families safe.

Self-regulating roof heating cable

To create a more hospitable entryway into any building, consider installing a roof gutter heating system . Heat cables from one of these fully automated systems stretch the length of your roof line and keep icicles from ever forming.

Roof gutter heating is the #1 way to provide a safe entrance to any dwelling. Roof deicing isn’t a new concept but it is one catching on as people strive to protect the people they love as well as the structure itself. Extensive roof damage has been known to occur thanks to large ice dams forming in the winter. The daytime temperatures often never reach melting levels so the ice melts and then re-forms repeatedly. And then it snows again, creating several more layers of damaging ice that potentially could ruin your roof. Ice dams and icicles don’t have a chance to form with roof deicing, which protects your gutters and the people walking beneath them too.

Prepare for Winter with ClearZone

Get your Snowmelt System Ordered and Installed Early This Year and Save With Radiant Heat Solutions by Warmzone

If you’ve only just decided on an electric radiant snowmelt system, and still scratching your head over your lack of time management skills (and timing), don’t fret. While it’s still not too late to buy and install a snowmelt system, early spring and summer is an ideal time to install these systems. In fact, now may be one of the best times of the year to order a snowmelt system. Think of it as a way to avoid the fall rush to buy and install; and better yet, taking advantage of some discounted prices on Warmzone radiant snowmelt systems.

From cable right off the spool, to cable preconfigured in easy-to-install roll-out mats, Warmzone has the perfect electric radiant snowmelt system for your driveway, sidewalks or roof. And you don’t need a new driveway to make the investment in radiant heat. Retrofitting is possible for just about any type of surface.

Heated driveway

Starting from the ground up, a Warmzone heated driveway is the perfect solution for a sore back that comes from too much shoveling. So if you’re all about state-of-the-art on a tight budget, the Warmzone ClearZone automated snow melting system is the way to go. It’s the premier snow melting solution for concrete heated driveways, sidewalks, loading docks and ramps. No matter what the dimensions, Warmzone offers the flexibility of installing radiant heat in almost any size and type of heated driveway, porch or walkway.

Right now is the perfect time to get a discount on some of the best snow melting products available. Warmzone gives you plenty of options – both in terms of the design and layout of the system to a wide variety of snow melting (and floor heating) products. Radiant snow melting systems can be easily customized to meet your snow melting needs as well as your budget.

As an industry leading heat cable, ClearZone snow melting cable is extremely rugged, and can even withstand the extreme, unforgiving temperatures common to hot asphalt pours. The cable can be rolled out and configured to address the nooks and crannies that characterize hard to reach surface areas and is perfect for large snow melting and unconventionally shaped areas.

Asphalt driveway with heated tire tracks

ClearZone Snow Melting Systems, Fully Automated and Easy to Install

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and have a more conventional radiant heat project to tackle, you may want to consider a ClearZone radiant snow melting system. Available on the spool or in mats, the versatile CZ heat cable sets the benchmark for durability and performance. The CZ mats feature ClearZone cable that is pre-spaced and attached to a durable backing for proper cable spacing and easy “roll-out” installation. The heating mat backing can be cut on site, for installation around corners and in hard to reach places. Like cable off the spool, the mats can be installed under just about any surface. A simple, more affordable “tire track” radiant heat snow melting pattern can be achieved just by rolling two ClearZone radiant snow melting mats down your driveway and then applying the finish surface.

Of course, great products and prices are nothing without good support. Warmzone offers unparalleled customer service, from the initial phone call to expert installation support. They also offer one of the best warranties in the business. To find out more how you can cash in on an off-season radiant heat snow melting installation, call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 or visit our website today.

Protect your Home with RoofHeat

Protect your Roof, Gutters, and Downspouts with a Heat Trace System from Warmzone

If you haven’t thought about your roof much this winter, be proactive with a gutter heat trace system from Warmzone. These automated roof deicing systems are specifically designed to melt ice and snow on roofs, in gutters and downspouts to prevent costly damage, not only to your roof, but to your home as well.

Warmzone radiant roof heating systems quickly melt heavy ice and snow from gutters and trouble spots on your roof. They can be easily installed in existing roofs to prevent icicles, ice buildup and ice dams from occurring. Moisture buildup from ice dams can seep up under shingles and into the roof decking before making its way into your home and causing significant water damage.

Gutter damage from snow and heavy ice buildup

Made up of a rugged, durable outer construction designed to withstand winter extremes, Warmzone’s RoofHeat self-regulating gutter heating cable is extremely effective, energy efficient and safe. Noted for its durable and self-regulating characteristics, RoofHeat radiant heat cable is one of the most recommended roof heating solutions available. The systems are easy to install and easy to customize.

RoofHeat snow melting systems respond to weather changes to anticipate events conducive to snow fall. Melting occurs as a snow event is happening. And since these roof heating systems are fully automated, there’s no switch to flip or roof raking to be done, making snow removal extremely convenient for you. Simply install it and forget it with the knowledge your roof is safely protected.

Warmzone offers the widest selection of radiant heat products, you’re assured of getting the best solution for you, at a price you can afford.

For more information on a RoofHeat radiant snow melting systems for your home, visit or call 888.488.9276.

You Won’t Need an Entire Posse to Install Radiant Roof Heat Cable

Roof Snow Melting is a Simple Do-It-Yourself Weekend Project

Our time, or rather our spare time, is minimal these days and seems to be shrinking with each new technological development. Although designed to make our lives easier, these handy gadgets seem to draw us further from free time than ever before. So tackling a home improvement project seems like an overwhelming hill to climb, when time, or rather spare time, is rare and precious. Keeping your home safe from future water damage is an important undertaking and you need not fear that undertaking this undertaking will over-take your weekend plans. You won’t even need to bring in a massive posse to help you install radiant roof heating cable. It’s a fairly simple process, and there are many different roof heating options to choose from.

Roof deicing system heating roof edges and valley
A mountain lodge with heated roof edges (to prevent ice dams from forming).

Once you’ve decided to install a roof deicing system to keep your gutters free of damaging ice and snow dams then you need only call a Warmzone expert to find out how much snow melting cable you will need. The rest is a simple do-it-yourself project that can easily be tackled in a day. You’ll need to ensure you have a power source nearby so once you are done the radiant roof heating can be plugged in, but other than that the installation is fairly straightforward. The length of radiant roof cable you’ll need is the key component and once you have that figured out you can call your posse and tell them to come over Sunday afternoon to admire all your handy-work and enjoy some time relaxing inside together boasting over your success