Warmzone Automated Snow Melting Systems

Nothing can beat the convenience and efficiency of an automated radiant snow melting system. Waking up to a clear driveway after a snowy night can start your winter day off on the right foot. Instead of reaching for your snow shovel and gloves, you can grab your slippers and coffee mug. Automated snow melting systems reliably operate as needed, so you can be assured that regardless of the storm conditions, the system will keep your driveway or walks free of snow and ice 24/7.

Automatic radiant heat systems rely on rugged, high-tech activation devices (sensors) that detect precipitation and temperature. Two basic types of activation devices can be used: in-ground (pavement-mounted) sensors and aerial-mounted sensors. The in-ground sensor is installed in the surface of the area being heated, such as the driveway or parking apron itself. These rugged sensors are typically used for large, commercial snow melting applications, and installed where they are open to the elements. Aerial-mount sensors are typically used for residential snow melting systems such as heated driveways, sidewalks, steps, etc. The aerial sensor is mounted near the roofline, extending out where it is exposed to the weather.

When precipitation is detected, and the temperature is below the adjustable setpoint (typically set at 39°F), the sensor will send a signal to the controller. (The controller is usually mounted on a wall in the garage.) Upon receiving the signal from the snow sensor, the controller then sends power to the embedded heating element.

Radiant heated driveway installed

Warmzone’s energy-efficient snow melting systems feature the renowned ClearZone heat resistance cable. The versatile ClearZone heating element can be installed in a variety of applications, including concrete, asphalt, and stone pavers. The cable is available in various lengths off the spool, as well as in mats that can be rolled out for quick and easy installation.

After almost two decades of performing in a variety of snow melting applications throughout Northern America, ClearZone heat cable has built a reputation as a trusted industry-leader. The proven cable is made with superior workmanship and materials. The twin-conductor ClearZone cable is cCSAus listed, and designed with fluoropolymer insulation and polyolefin jacketing (for flexibility and UV protection), which allows the snow melting system to consistently provide top performance during harsh winter conditions. The heat cable comes with a 20-foot cold lead, and carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Warmzone Continues to Update its Line of Radiant Heat Products

Warmzone snow melting system sensors (activation devices) and contactor panels (control devices) feature the latest proven technology, and are designed for durability and robust performance throughout the years. Warmzone constantly researches, develops, and tests the most advanced technology. The latest addition to Warmzone’s product line is the EcoTrace IC thermostat (controller). This IoT (Internet of Things) thermostat uses proprietary algorithms to process weather data and adjust the snow melting system’s power output according to storm conditions.

“IoT” refers to the Internet of Things, and is an important new technology that allows us to embed sensors in objects around our homes that can then be connected to the internet. The embedded sensors allow us to measure environmental parameters, and the data is then transmitted through a communications network. This way we can connect to our home lights, the hot tub, the heated driveway, etc., which makes seamless communication possible between people, processes, and things.

The EcoTrace IC Thermostat’s “smart” capability also allows the radiant heat system to ignore light storms, provide optional preheating, and the ability for dynamic heating after the storm, all to improve overall system performance and reduce energy use and operating cost. The user is able to choose from a selection of weather-based control algorithms, for heated driveways, roof de-icing, and gutter heat tracing systems.

Warmzone snow melting system sensors (activation devices) and contactor panels feature the latest proven technology, and are design for durability and robust performance through the years. A wide selection of options is available. To learn more about automated snow melting system controls, call and speak with a radiant heat expert, at 888-488-9276.

In addition to automated snow melting systems, Warmzone also provides premier floor heating and roof de-icing solutions, as well as luxury home heating amenities. For more information about Warmzone radiant heat systems or luxury amenities, contact a friendly Warmzone representative today, at 888-488-9276.