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Warmzone Premier Radiant Heating to be Featured with Bob Vila

Warmzone is pleased to announce that they have been selected as the radiant heating company of choice for the latest housing project for Bob Vila’s Home Again television program. Warmzone will be featured on a Queen Anne Victorian home being remodeled in Rowley, MA airing nationally on January 15, 2006. A detailed analysis of the home is featured on BobVila.com along with videos from several of the products featured including Warmzone.

Radiant heating is a clean, economical and efficient alternative to furnaces and other traditional heating systems but is still relatively new to most residents in the United States, though it has been widely used in other parts of the world.  Radiant heat utilizes hot water carried through embedded tubing that is connected to a boiler (hydronic heat) or in-floor electric heating cables, to warm the surrounding areas. Radiant heating systems are used for a variety of applications ranging from a primary heat source, to warming floors and melting snow in driveways and on roofs.

“We had a great time working with Bob Vila and his staff at BobVila.com,” said Brandon Weaver, Executive VP of Sales and Product Development for Warmzone. “This is a great opportunity for the many professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers who watch Bob Vila’s Home Again and visit Bobvila.com each month to see that there is an effective alternative to traditional heating methods. Homeowners, architects, builders and project managers seek the expertise of Warmzone to provide balanced solutions for radiant heating installations.  We are pleased to have been selected by Bob Vila to highlight radiant heat as a smart alternative to homeowners across the country.”

About Warmzone
Warmzone’s mission is to match customer’s needs with the finest radiant heating systems available.  As an intermediary between project requirements and a variety of system choices, Warmzone and warmzone.com offer non-biased, individualized solutions that factor the installation, durability, performance and operational investment as the key criteria of their customers. More information about Warmzone can be found at http://www.warmzone.com