Radiant Floor Heating

The silent operation of a radiant floor heating system free from drafts or flying dust particles is why these systems are becoming so popular. Home owners are searching for ways in which they can create a healthier environment to live in. Forced air systems can spread dust, pollen and germs while a radiant floor heating system uses electric resistance cables under the floor or PEX tubing that circulates heated water. Radiant heating systems warm floors to a comfortable level and naturally spreads its heat to objects in the room making your living areas much more enjoyable. Heating your home with radiant heated floors will make breathing easier and not dry you out. Imagine your floors without the need for vents or hot air blowing down from the ceiling.

Evenly distributed radiant heat in your floors will allow you to turn down your thermostat two to four degrees. This can reduce energy costs by 10-40 percent and can be verified with your local utility company. This setback to your thermostat can happen because a radiant floor heats from the ground up and delivers the heat through objects not air. This makes the lowest three feet of your home the most comfortable where a forced air system loses its heat to the ceiling and is required to heat from the top down. Delivering heat by air also makes it easy to escape and increase your overall heat loss.

A good analogy for radiant floor heating to forced air is a car that has heated seats and a forced air heater/furnace. The forced air in a car can dry you out and can become uncomfortable and is difficult to dial in because of the heat loss due to its air delivery. A heated seat will provide you with quick results and will remain warm long after it is reduced or turned completely off. The heated seat actually warms your body and the car seat, not the air. Forced air will over time will inefficiently heat objects but with the negative side effects of dry air, dust and pollen.

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