A Memo from the Department of Missing Snow

The Heated Driveway is #1 Suspect

To: Consumers Living in Winter Riddled Areas
From: The Department of Missing Snow
Re: Reports of Clean Driveways After a Snow Storm

There have been several alarming reports trickling in from consumers living in colder states. Consumers who once donned thick layers of snow gear and carried heavy shovels or pushed cumbersome snow blowers are now stating they receive snow but it does not accumulate on their driveway. This is alarming to them, but here at the Department of Missing Snow it is second nature to provide consumers with answers to their snow problems. The heated driveway is the number one reason driveways are missing snow after a snow storm.

If you or someone you know is experiencing these ice-free mysteries consider investigating a radiant heated driveway. Radiant heating cables may be the culprit in your missing snow mystery. These radiant heat cables lie just below the surface so you may not even know they are there, but they are doing hard work and making the jobs in our department very easy. Missing snow is not a problem for everyone, so feel free to report your findings to your neighbors if they glance at your heated driveway with longing and confusion. Explain to them how having a heated driveway keeps your driveway clean and the ice build-up stays away too. Refer them to the Department of Missing Snow where experts can talk with them about creating their own case and explain to them how heated driveways will remain our number one suspect in missing snow.