Jazz Up Your Floors with Radiant Heat

Heated Floors are Jazzy and Snazzy

Word with “z’s” are fun. Say them with me…buzz, fizz, zipper. Installing heated floors means you can add a couple of “z” words to your conversations. You can subtly (or not so subtly) interject into conversations how you have jazzy and/or snazzy floors that produce epic warmth and comfort. You may get a few raised eyebrows or muffled conversations behind your back but you’ll be the one laughing as you walk merrily across your jazzy heated floors.

Heated hardwood floor

Radiant heated floors are gaining speed in popularity and don’t just jazz up your floors but they save you money down the road as your energy bills diminish thanks to the efficient heating power. Heated floors have a lot of impact in cold basements, tiled entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens. These spaces usually have cold spots but with radiant heat the warmth oozes (another word with Z!) around every nook and cranny creating crazy (Z, la, la, la) comfort. Heated floors create a cozy place for you to walk barefoot and enjoy the new found efficient heat that radiant heat can offer. Even if you are not a fan of Jazz music, you can agree that jazzing anything up deserves a little celebration so put on a record and zip around your floor with nothing on your feet but radiant heat and jazzy joy.