Pipe Freeze Protection by Powerblanket

Check Pipe Freeze Worries off Your List Using Heating Blankets

If you are like Santa – and me for that matter – you are constantly making lists and checking them twice; especially when it comes to protecting your home or office building. Staying safe and feeling safe in your environment is key to feeling proud of how you maintain your property. Making lists helps me ensure that I don’t miss anything critical. This is especially true when it comes to seasonal needs, such as:

  1. Fertilize lawn in summer.
  2. Rake leaves in fall.
  3. Ensure my pipes don’t freeze during the winter.
  4. Rejoice when spring comes and my pipes made it through another winter without freezing.

Pipe freeze protection is vital to keeping a home, office, or production facility up and running. The Powerblanket can be a great solution for pipe freeze protection.

The insulated heating mats are unique in both durability and versatility. Using a heating blanket such as the Powerblanket to wrap and secure a consistent temperature for your pipes is a simple solution to pipe freeze protection. As long as a Powerblanket is plugged in and running, the warming properties of this unique heating blanket allow you the peace of mind to walk away from your pipes, even on the coldest nights in the dead of winter. So if you buy and use a Powerblanket, the worry of having your pipes freeze can be safely checked off your list.