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Warmzone Roof Deicing Panels

Prevent Ice Dams from Forming

As we look forward to a warm summer, many residents in the north east are still reeling from the costly effects of record snowfall. Ice dams continue to be winter’s biggest culprit when it comes to roof damage.

Warm air slowly escapes from the home and into the attic where it warms the roof, causing snow to melt. As the runoff trickles down the roof, it reaches the eaves. Because the eaves extend out over the edges of the house, there is no warm air from the attic below. In the evening, the runoff will reach the cold eaves and refreeze. There, the ice continues to build up as more snow melts. The wall of ice causes water to build up behind it, refreezing every time the temperature dips below 32°Fahrenheit.

When the water pools up behind these ice dams, it can seep into tiny cracks in the roofing material where it refreezes and expands. This repeated process can eventually compromise the structure. Water can slowly work its way into the attic and then drip through the ceiling or down walls. Oftentimes the homeowner is not aware of any problem until significant water damage has occurred.

Heat roof edges with aluminum heated panels

Warmzone offers an ideal way to protect homes and businesses from water damage. RoofHeat panels feature attractive aluminum panels with self-regulating heat cable. The panels are installed long the roof edge between the waterproof membrane and the shingle. The roof heating panels are supplied in 4-foot lengths and can be cut to length on site. Self-regulating heat cable is channeled through the panel, creating an effective roof deicing system that efficiently warms the roof edges help prevent ice dams from forming. The aluminum panels can also be installed in roof valleys to facilitate runoff.

Features of the RoofHeat Panels Include:

  • Panels are made of aluminum
  • Deicing cables are inserted into the cable channel
  • Systems feature self-regulating heat cable
  • Shingles are installed on top of the panel, only the cable channel is visible
  • Panels can be painted to match the shingle color
  • Panels are 4-feet long and 6-inches wide with a cable channel
  • Panels that feature a slanted cable channel mount along the roof edge
  • Panels that feature a flat cable channel mount above the roof edge and along the inside of the valleys

Contact a Warmzone representative at 888.488.9276 for more information on our industry leading roof deicing solutions. There are many options available, and Warmzone will design a roof heating system that is unique to your specific roof heating needs. Call for more information or send us your project details for a free quote.

Pipe Trace Systems

Solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications
As a leading provider of radiant heat solutions, Warmzone has earned its reputation as a trusted industry leader. Having designed systems that have been installed in large refineries, commercial facilities and custom residential applications, Warmzone’s expertise is a valuable asset to businesses or homeowners seeking a reliable pipe trace solution.

Image showing industrial pipes and valve with heat trace cable

Warmzone pipe trace systems can be installed for pipe freeze prevention as well as process temperature maintenance installations. The self-regulating heat cable is UL listed and approved for hazardous and non-hazardous applications. It can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes, tanks, valves.

The self-regulating characteristics of the heat cable means that it automatically varies its power output in response to pipe temperature changes. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases. This ensures energy-efficient operation. The cable will also not overheat or burnout – even when touching or overlapping.

Additionally, because of the self-regulating properties, a thermostat may not be necessary in some applications. With the optional outer jacket, the heating cable is resistant to watery and inorganic chemicals and protected against abrasion and impact damage. RHSR is suitable for use in explosion-hazardous areas up to a maximally admissible work-place temperature of +149° F (65° C).

Pipe trace system installed on industrial piping

Features Include:
Energy Efficient Operation – The self-regulating cable automatically varies its power output in response to pipe temperature changes. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases, ensuring energy-efficient operation. And the cable will not overheat or burnout – even when touching or overlapping.

Lower Cost – Less installation cost than steam tracing; less maintenance expense and less downtime.

Safe / Durable – Does not overheat or burn out, even when touching or overlapping.

Versatile – Suitable for use in non-hazardous, hazardous and corrosive environments.

Easy Installation – The cable can be cut to any length required on site (up to max circuit length) so there’s no wasted cable. And the termination, power connection, splice, tee, and end seal kit reduces installation time and requires no special skills or tools.

Heat Cable Options Include:
Tinned copper braid provides additional mechanical protection and a positive ground path

Flame retardant thermoplastic outer jacket protects against certain inorganic chemical solutions. It also protects against abrasion and impact damage.

The high-temperature Fluoropolymer outer jacket is used when there may be exposure to organic or corrosive solutions, or vapors may be present.

RHSR is UL listed, self-regulating parallel heating cable designed for a variety of industrial applications and environments, including hazardous and nonhazardous. It can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes, tanks, valves.

For more information about Warmzone’s products and services, call 888.488.9276. 

Now is the Time to Buy

Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Radiant Snow Melting Systems

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls who has to manually remove snow from the driveway and walks every winter, you may want to reconsider your methods. The passing of new snow removal laws (as in Massachusetts) don’t make it any easier on homeowners, who are now mandated to provide snow and ice-free walkways for pedestrians. If the sidewalks are not cleared, property owners are not only susceptible to personal injury lawsuits, but they also face the possibility of fines, levied by the local government. Removing snow from your driveway and sidewalks is no longer an option – it’s the law!

Grass damaged from salt applied to melt snow during winter

Many consumers stock up on salt and other snow melting chemicals to ease the physical burden of shoveling the snow, but the amount of time, money and adverse environmental effects of these chemicals can be evident year round.  While effective in melting snow, salt and chemicals are not so friendly to the surrounding landscape. When spring hits, the bordering grass and shrubs often reveal the ugly scars from the repeated salt and chemical use during the winter.

So if you’re serious about going green (in more ways than one), consider this: Radiant heat snow melting systems

Operate on clean, renewable energy (hydronic or electric)
Are safe and environmentally friendly
Are fully automated so that they efficiently operate only when needed
Operate discreetly and silently

Of course, one of the most significant “selling points” of radiant snow melting systems is that it eliminates the time consuming, physical demands of the homeowner.

The best time to purchase and install a snow melting system is during the early spring. You are much more likely to discover discounted prices, because the demand typically wanes when the weather begins to warm. Springtime is a time when homeowners are more interested in outdoor grills and barbeques than snow melting systems. Of course, once the summer has run its course and Old Man Winter is peeking around the corner, consumers tend to scramble to install a snow melting system before the first storm hits.

While snow melting systems have become more affordable, installing a system should still be done with careful consideration. Do some research and deal with experts who will openly talk to you about the various products available. Don’t be fooled into thinking that some provider has the ready-made system that is perfect for your needs. You need unbiased professionals. Talk to the experienced radiant heat staff at Warmzone and learn the “how’s, what’s and why’s” before you make any decisions.

Warmzone is a trusted, leading provider of radiant heat systems, for good reason. We’ve been around a long time, and we offer a wide variety of proven systems from only the most reputable manufacturers. We’re not “locked in” to selling one brand or “one size fits all” system.

In fact, Warmzone provides customized solutions for all of its customers, and works within your budget. We evaluate, design and review every aspect of your project so that your system meets your needs, while keeping within your budget.

If you are serious about the environment and looking for a “green” solution for snow melting, look no further than Warmzone. Call 888.488.9276 today or email.

Pipe Tracing for Your Business

Keep Your Business Running Safely with Pipe Trace Cables
Owning and operating a business is serious business indeed. Your top priority besides making tons of dough is to keep things running smoothly and safely for all involved. If you own a large building or warehouse you are extra conscientious about keeping things moving at full steam ahead. Frozen pipes during the brutal winter months is a legitimate concern, one that savvy business owners are aware of. Commercial, municipal, and industrial buildings all need pipe tracing to protect pipes during dips in temperatures.

Heat trace cable installed on pipe of industrial facility.

Pipe freeze prevention is one of the first necessary investments you must make when your property is up and running. Pipes should be equipped with electric heat trace freeze protection for optimal temperature maintenance. In the long run, having pipe freeze protection will save you from costly repair and sometimes irreversible damage to inventory, equipment, and property.

Pipe freeze protection systems can be used with both metal and plastic water piping. In the coldest months where pipe freezing is a real danger, the self-regulating heat cable adjusts heat output in response to ambient temperatures. The power output increases or decreases in response to ambient temperature changes. This even occurs at each point along the length of the pipe trace cable effectively adjusting the power output in varying degrees along the length of the pipe. The design and intent of the self-regulating systems ensures safe and efficient operation. Operating your business safely is a whole lot easier with pipe trace cables.

Warmzone stands proudly by the quality of our products and services. Our radiant heat products are tested and proven to be among the best in the industry. Call Warmzone today. Your initial consultation and project estimate is absolutely free.

For more information on pipe tracing, radiant heated drivewaysradiant floor heating, or roof deicing and gutter trace systems, browse our web site or call 888.488.9276 today.

Pipe Freeze Protection by Powerblanket

Check Pipe Freeze Worries off Your List Using Heating Blankets

If you are like Santa – and me for that matter – you are constantly making lists and checking them twice; especially when it comes to protecting your home or office building. Staying safe and feeling safe in your environment is key to feeling proud of how you maintain your property. Making lists helps me ensure that I don’t miss anything critical. This is especially true when it comes to seasonal needs, such as:

  1. Fertilize lawn in summer.
  2. Rake leaves in fall.
  3. Ensure my pipes don’t freeze during the winter.
  4. Rejoice when spring comes and my pipes made it through another winter without freezing.

Pipe freeze protection is vital to keeping a home, office, or production facility up and running. The Powerblanket can be a great solution for pipe freeze protection.

The insulated heating mats are unique in both durability and versatility. Using a heating blanket such as the Powerblanket to wrap and secure a consistent temperature for your pipes is a simple solution to pipe freeze protection. As long as a Powerblanket is plugged in and running, the warming properties of this unique heating blanket allow you the peace of mind to walk away from your pipes, even on the coldest nights in the dead of winter. So if you buy and use a Powerblanket, the worry of having your pipes freeze can be safely checked off your list.