Roof Heating vs. Ice Dams

The Battle You’re Sure to Never Lose

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes warmer weather. While we’d all like to see the sun again, we don’t want those pesky ice dams to form on our roofs that can quickly turn a delightful spring into an expensive season of our discontent. Fortunately for all of us, radiant roof heat is here to keep our upcoming months pleasant and ice-dam-disaster free.

Ice dams are a common problem that often lead to catastrophic solutions. The good news, however, is that radiant roof heating systems are an easy and affordable option to prevent ice dams before they even start.

Ice dams occur when warmer weather or interior heat warms the heavy snowfall on your roof, leaving a pool of water under the feet of snow that quickly accumulates and starts leaking into your home.  Besides causing catastrophic water damage, these ice dams can also destroy your gutters, promote toxic mold growth, and potentially cause structural damage that’s sure to leave you with a headache. With so much on the line, it only makes sense to install a radiant roof heating system.

Radiant roof heat is the best way to stay ahead in the battle against ice dams. Warmzone offers a variety of roof heating solutions that are sure to keep your home safe from structural damage and your family safe from dangerous icicles. You can experience the benefits of a radiant roof heating system no matter what type of home you have—new or old. Additionally, our team will work with you to create a roof heating solution that’s catered specifically to you.

Don’t wait for the dam to break—install a radiant roof heating system now before it’s too late!