Which Season is Best to Install Radiant Floor Heat?

It’s Always Time for Underfloor Heat

We all think about the need for home heating during the winter but does that make the coldest season the ideal time to install radiant floor heat? Not necessarily as installing the heat means there is a small period when you are without heat as you finish the installation. It is the time when home heating is forefront on our minds, but any time of year is appropriate to install radiant floor heat.

If you consider purchasing underfloor heating during spring or summer, you may catch a supplier with excess inventory offering a discount or promotion. This is typically the slow time of year for these types of radiant heating systems so there may be a good deal out there for the taking. Radiant floor heat is a good investment no matter what time of year you install it, as this type of home heating is gaining in popularity.

The efficiency and affordability of underfloor heating is becoming a major selling point and more and more home are being built with radiant heated floors. Winter might be the time of year you think about and use underfloor heat but there are plenty of early spring morning or fall afternoons that you’ll be glad you had the foresight to install radiant floor heat. The radiant heat takes the nasty chill out of your floors, leaving them toasty to walk on.