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Warmzone FilmHeat Floor Heating Systems: Evolving the Way You Heat Your Home

What if you could heat an entire room, or even a home, for that matter, using a simple roll of film? Believe it or not, Warmzone has once again outdone the competition with a roll of film that’s amazingly durable, thin and flexible that can do just that. Like all Warmzone radiant heated floor solutions, FilmHeat can be nailed or stapled to the subfloor. Its slim proportions make for incredibly easy, unobtrusive installation under laminate surfaces.

The thin FilmHeat heating element

FilmHeat floor heating systems are composed of three elements. The film element works with a power unit and activation device to deliver fast, efficient heat to any laminate surface in your home. Much like a forced-air system, the power unit, or “brains” of the system, communicates with a thermostat linked to sensors. Strategically installed in the floor, the sensors “sense” the temperature of the room and relay that information to the power unit to activate the system. This system is fully automated, responding to fluctuations in room temperature as they occur to deliver and maintain even, consistent heat in any room.

In addition to being incredibly thin, the FilmHeat floor heating system is incredibly safe and can be installed in retrofit applications. You just need to be able to access the floor joists from below. FilmHeat is also one of the most efficient floor heating systems on the market.

The lightweight heating element makes FilmHeat particularly easy to install. The elements paper-thin quality allows can be easily cut on site, and requires no floor buildup. So you can install it without major renovation, which is incredibly good news if you’re a first-time do-it-yourselfer contemplating a radiant heated floor home improvement project.

If you’re hesitating on cost, initial installation costs involving FilmHeat floor heating systems are low. Of course the ease of installation makes the cost for do-it-yourselfers even lower. And like all Warmzone radiant heated flooring solutions, the system relies on a sustainable heat source, electricity, so it can run for mere pennies on the dollar.

And in a time when the popularity of green living is growing, the FilmHeat floor warming system allows you to significantly reduce the usage of your primary heating system to realize greater energy savings while lowering your monthly heating bills. To move you even further off of the grid, the system can also be run by solar and wind power sources. It’s a positive contribution to your environment you can feel really good about.

Interested in learning more about the power a roll of film can play in heating your home? Call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 or browse the website for more information on the wonders of FilmHeat floor heating systems.

In Search of the Best Radiant Heat Solutions Provider

Looking for a good supplier of radiant heat systems for your next project? While there are lots of folks out there, it didn’t take me long to narrow the field down to just one. Before I divulge the winner, I’ll share the criteria that helped frame my final decision:

Radiant heat installation and service providers

Friendliness – If I’m going to invest in a home improvement project, I expect the experience to be pleasant, at least.
Helpfulness – I want an advocate, someone who knows what it means to go the extra mile for their customers.
Knowledgeable – I don’t want to talk to a “salesman”—I want to talk to a radiant heat expert who can design and sell me a custom radiant heating solution.
Responsiveness – If I leave a message or ask a question that can’t be answered immediately, does the rep call me back in a timely manner?
Respectful – Regardless of my purpose of calling (whether to ask questions or make a purchase), does the rep treat me with respect?
Listening Skills – I want someone to listen to what I need; evaluate those needs and then present me with options. Someone who knows how to ask the right questions.
Professionalism – I need to feel confident in my choice of radiant heating solutions.

In the end, the clear winner was Warmzone. Here’s the why of it:

Best Product Quality and Largest Selection

If you want the best possible solution at the best possible price, you’ll obviously want to go with a supplier that offers a comprehensive selection of radiant heat solutions. Warmzone has one of the largest and highest quality product selections available. They aren’t locked in to trying to sell you one particular product or brand, so you get an objective suggestion of what’s best for you. Because they deal in huge volume purchases, Warmzone also realizes a cost savings they will happily pass on to you

Complete System Design and Engineering Services

Knowing the exact power requirements and performance expectations prior to any installation is critical. With Warmzone you can expect to receive complete radiant heat design and engineering services with each system you purchase.

Genuine, Helpful and Friendly Customer Service

It would be hard for me to imagine a more knowledgeable, friendly staff then the staff at Warmzone.

Expert Installation Support

At Warmzone, the relationship doesn’t end with a purchase. Their experienced staff will work closely with you to ensure your radiant heat system is installed properly and performing as expected.

Comprehensive Information and Resources

No competitor comes close to matching Warmzone in this category. Visit their literature / documents section and you’ll see what I mean. (Incidentally, another great resource for information about radiant heat is www.bestradiantheating.com.)

Summary of Warmzone Top Notch Services

  • Product Quality and Selection
  • Complete System Design and Engineering Services
  • Customer Service and Installation Support
  • Radiant Heat Information Resource (collection of online information.)
  • Radiant Heat Product Manuals, Guides, Illustrations and more.

Call 888.488.9276 to learn more or visit www.warmzone.com.