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Radiant Barriers Protect Your Home from Radon

Ground Insulation Blocks Dangerous Gases

Before you can hang your pictures on your wall or place your welcome mat at your front door, there are many steps to take before completing a new home. The construction site it dusty, chaotic, and overwhelming for homeowners as they watch their dream home take shape. You can help guide them along by helping make informed decisions about each step of the way, from the ground up. The ground is an important part of any new construction, especially when considering ground insulation . Under-concrete ground insulation can save time and money for you as a builder and in the long run offers safety and cost savings for your customers too.

Using proper ground insulation is key for many reasons. Installing radiant barrier insulation assists with heated flooring once the home is built and also provides a strict barrier against harmful gases found naturally beneath the surface. Radon is of particular note for those home noted for living in areas with high concentrations of this odorless gas. Radon exposure over long periods of time has been linked to many harmful health hazards, most specifically lung cancer. Informing your potential homeowners of these dangers will help build trust and confidence in you, helping your reputation as a contractor flourish. Choosing high quality ground insulation gives you the added satisfaction of knowing you are installing a health conscious product that offers a radiant barrier and keeps harmful gases out of homes.

Proper Insulation for Radiant Floor Heating

Improve the Performance of Your Radiant Heated Floors

You may have seen an increase in the number of radiant floor heating systems being installed in new construction projects. Radiant heat technology is more popular and affordable than ever, and more consumers are enjoying the benefits of radiant heat.

Heated bathroom floor

Proper radiant heat installation requires an effective insulation beneath your radiant floor heating system. The response times of radiant heating systems are quicker and much more consistent thanks to the specific physical characteristics of proper ground insulation. Insulation provides critical protection for any radiant heated floors. Insulation decreases heat loss below the slab, allowing the radiant floor heating system to perform more efficiently and accurately in the face of drastic temperature shifts.

Think of it as laying a warm blanket beneath your radiant heated floor, allowing your radiant floor heating system to operate properly and most efficiently. You don’t want to spend your precious money on heating an already cold ground and losing much of the generated heat beneath your radiant floor heating. Proper ground insulation will catch the heat and throw it back upward where you want it, instead of allowing the valued warm air to seep needlessly into the ground below your home. Radiant floor heating is showing up more and more and home builders need to be aware that laying the proper foundation is key to having a radiant heated floor system operate at 100 percent.

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