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You Won’t Need an Entire Posse to Install Radiant Roof Heat Cable

Roof Snow Melting is a Simple Do-It-Yourself Weekend Project

Our time, or rather our spare time, is minimal these days and seems to be shrinking with each new technological development. Although designed to make our lives easier, these handy gadgets seem to draw us further from free time than ever before. So tackling a home improvement project seems like an overwhelming hill to climb, when time, or rather spare time, is rare and precious. Keeping your home safe from future water damage is an important undertaking and you need not fear that undertaking this undertaking will over-take your weekend plans. You won’t even need to bring in a massive posse to help you install radiant roof heating cable. It’s a fairly simple process, and there are many different roof heating options to choose from.

Roof deicing system heating roof edges and valley
A mountain lodge with heated roof edges (to prevent ice dams from forming).

Once you’ve decided to install a roof deicing system to keep your gutters free of damaging ice and snow dams then you need only call a Warmzone expert to find out how much snow melting cable you will need. The rest is a simple do-it-yourself project that can easily be tackled in a day. You’ll need to ensure you have a power source nearby so once you are done the radiant roof heating can be plugged in, but other than that the installation is fairly straightforward. The length of radiant roof cable you’ll need is the key component and once you have that figured out you can call your posse and tell them to come over Sunday afternoon to admire all your handy-work and enjoy some time relaxing inside together boasting over your success