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It’s Been Taking Care of the Four to Six Feet of Snow That Would Otherwise Accumulate!

Location: Montana

Solution: ClearZone Heated Driveway

As we discussed, I would be more than happy to provide a reference and or install.

The system works as designed and is flawless. Even have pictures of the progress/process as the projects were constructed. It’s been taking care of the four to six feet of snow that would otherwise accumulate! Maybe more, just that was the depth of the snow in the area of installation.

Kevin P.

Heated City Sidewalks

Location: Missouri

Solution: ClearZone Heated Sidewalks

Heated sidewalks

I contacted Warmzone and explained to their sales staff what our project would consist of and what we wanted to accomplish. Brandon Weaver and the sales staff designed our system, ordered the materials and made sure that they arrived on time, and they were there whenever we needed their help. They worked with our electricians to solve problems or answer questions as they came up and were willing to go that extra mile when needed.

I just wanted to let you know that you have a terrific staff who are highly knowledgeable, truly professional and care about their customers. During the most recent snow event it was interesting to see that the sidewalks were completely dry and free of snow while the plow trucks were still pushing the snow off the roads. The City of Oak Grove is very pleased with our heated sidewalks and would highly recommend your product.

Joe B.