Solar Power for Radiant Floor Heating

Go “off Grid” and Go Green: Pair Solar Power with your Radiant Underfloor Heating System

Solar power is the perfect partner for radiant heat. If your plan is to live off of the grid, Warmzone has the best hydronic underfloor heating solutions for your solar system. Our radiant floor heat is compatible with solar hot water systems. A good set of solar panels, in normal sunlight conditions, can provide adequate water temperatures required to heat your hydronic heated floors.

How it works—a solar-powered radiant heated floor relies on two sub-systems: a common solar hot-water system, and a common hydronic radiant heat system. The type of solar panels and solar water system you’ll need varies with the climate you live in. You’ll also need a backup gas system to provide enough water to the system in bad weather or during peak demand times.

Pair your “solar system” with a hydronic radiant heat system and you’ve got warm floors. Hydronic underfloor radiant heat systems rely on a PEX network of lightweight, durable plastic tubing to circulate water heated by the solar panels from a tank or reservoir, much like a hot water heater to give you warm, even heat, “right off the grid.” And this is where Warmzone comes in. Warmzone offers different solutions for a variety of radiant heat projects, including solar radiant heat systems.

Because your situation and project needs are unique to you, Warmzone does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to hydronic underfloor heat. Our goal is to find the ideal hydronic radiant heated flooring system for each and every project that satisfies our customers’ requirements, and their budgets. We can do this, in part, because of our longstanding relationships with manufacturers. So you get the benefit of a wide selection of top-quality radiant underfloor heating products to choose from, at the lowest prices available.

Warmzone offers several hydronic radiant heat system options that are perfect for your solar-powered radiant floor heating system, whether you’re building from scratch or upgrading your existing home. There’s the more traditional hydronic floor heating system, in which PEX radiant tubing is installed in a concrete mass called Gypsum Concrete or “Gypcrete.” There’s also a new alternative that makes hydronic radiant heated floor installation easier. Hydronic heating systems with aluminum panels offer a slab alternative, low mass or modular board underlayment system. Instead of embedding the PEX tubing into concrete, it is laid in the grooves of pre-cut aluminum panels.

Unlike other hydronic radiant underfloor heat providers, the support doesn’t end with your radiant heated flooring purchase. Warmzone consistently exceeds competitive design services. Our in-house team of experienced professional designers will evaluate your radiant heating needs and produce a comprehensive design of a hydronic radiant heat system that is best suited for your needs. They’re ready to partner with solar heating experts to create system for your home that not only lives up to the definition of socially responsible green living, but lives up to the promise of warmth, comfort and convenience you would expect from your solar-powered hydronic radiant heated floors.

It’s a great time to partner with Warmzone and a solar heating specialist to make your green dreams a reality. Contact Warmzone today at 888.488.9276 to find out which underfloor heat product is best for you.