Roman Ruins Have Evidence of Heated Floors

Radiant heated floors are nothing new. There are Roman ruins that have radiant heating, proving that radiant heat stands the test of time. Newer products have such great technology that includes radiant heat cables that come with warranties that last longer and longer. Proving still that radiant heat is here to stay and will outlast the homes it heats. Radiant heated floors have long been prevalent and popular in Europe but are rapidly gaining use and popularity across the country. We’ve seen tremendous growth in radiant heated flooring.

A typical residential radiant heating system utilizes around 2,000 lineal feet of radiant heat cable. Industry sales have gone from 29.8 million lineal feet of cable in the early 90’s to more than 99 million in the late 90’s.* That is close to a 25 percent growth rate per year, which shows the gain in radiant heated flooring popularity. Some people are installing radiant heat throughout their homes; others prefer to use it in smaller areas like bathrooms or basement family rooms. Rooms with high ceilings are harder to heat so radiant floors are a good choice for these types of rooms as well. The Romans were on to something when they started using radiant heat and we still see benefits. As the technology as become perfected more and more modern day use is proving to be invaluable in home heating.