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Carwash Owners ― Protect Yourself and Your Business by Installing a Radiant Heat Snow and Ice Melting System

Protecting your car wash against the liability of slips and falls is becoming an increasing concern for business owners with car washes in cold climates. If you are in an area that receives heavy precipitation, keeping up with snow and ice removal means constant maintenance. Even the overspray from a car wash can create dangerous walking areas in and around each bay.

The easiest and most effective means of removing snow and ice is not the use of chemicals and salt, (which oftentimes customers are visiting your carwash to remove), but by installing a radiant heat snow melting system beneath the surface of the concrete drives and walkways. It is wise to heat 3-4 feet on the entrance and discharge aprons, as well as customer walkways and areas. If you are looking to invest in a car wash in a cold climate, or have already done so, you are probably already aware that your wash should not go without an embedded radiant heating system.

The demand for safe car washes has become a serious topic due to preventable accidents and expensive settlements in recent years. Automatic snow melting systems are great investments for self-serve car washes, not only for safety, but by increasing your customers’ satisfaction. You will be able to sleep easy knowing that at any hour of the day dangerous snow and ice will be removed, making your employees and customers as safe as possible.

Most automated snowmelt systems operate with the use of a sensor, which automatically activates when snow fall and precipitation are detected and approximate temperatures are below 39 degrees Fahrenheit, melting the snow before it ever has a chance to build up. Because the system is automatic, maintenance to remove snow and ice is completely eliminated anywhere the system has been installed.

The quickest installation of this type of system should be done before the concrete has been laid, but there is also a means of installing the snow melt heating cables into existing concrete by using concrete saw-cut technology. Eliminating the use of chemicals, salts, snow removal devices and ice on the concrete, will increase the concrete’s longevity and keep your carwash looking new for much longer.

Good insurance is a necessity for any business owner and an important step in getting legally protected. Good insurance comes at a high cost, and decreasing your chances of liability will decrease your cost. When comparing the cost savings for insurance and the decreased chances of an expensive lawsuit, there is no question that installing a radiant snow melting system is a must. If you are faced with the unfortunate circumstance of a lawsuit, any preventive action on your part will be a huge help in building your case.