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Wall Heaters that Decorate Your Walls

Climastar: New in Heating and Decor

Most things that hang on your walls at home or office are just for eye catching appeal, but what if you get another benefit from wall art? What if you learned about Climastar wall-mounted heaters and suddenly discovered that comfort and warmth could also look attractive too? That would be pretty great, huh?

Climastar decorative wall heater

Well, it’s true. Wall heaters can not only add much needed warmth to a chilly room, they can look good doing it. The Climastar wall-mounted heater has been designed for functionality as well as beauty. The innovative design allows energy efficient heat to permeate your bathroom at work or home or any other room you need a heating boost.

Wall-mounted heaters consume very little power but allow enough heat to be generated to heat an entire small room. Climastar offers many attractive choices to suit your unique taste and design ideas. Having a wall-mounted heater doesn’t mean you have to hang a looming hideous dinosaur on your wall. These wall heaters have eye-catching stone facades to give the sophisticated look and feel of wall art while adding the durability, functionality, and heating power of a wall-mounted heater. Each heater allows you to program a specific temperature giving you flexibility to set the heat to your comfort level with ease.

A Volcano of Heat for Towels

Towel Warmers Permeate Warmth from Top to Bottom

We don’t expect you to literally want a volcano creating havoc in your bathroom spewing molten lava all over the place, but if you can picture heat just like lava pouring over your towels then you have a good visual on the warming perks of having a wall-mount bathroom heater with a towel warming bar hung next to your shower or bathtub. Towel warmers provide efficient, comfortable heat for most sized bathroom with the added benefit of warming your towels for a toasty, luxurious treat after a bath or shower.

Wall heater and towel warmer

The first few steps out of warm water can be brutal and uncomfortable. You must move fast enough to wipe the chilling water from your skin as your teeth begin to chatter and you curse your skin’s automatic cooling response. Having a warm towel to wrap around your body is a great solution to that post shower chill and teeth chattering moment. A towel warmer and bathroom heater envelops you in welcoming heat, never as hot as a volcano of course, but very soothing. A wall-mounted heat with a towel warming rack offers easy installation and elegant design. Clearly we don’t wish a natural disaster to strike your bathroom, but having the warmth much like a volcano is a most welcome benefit after a long relaxing shower or soak in your tub.

Radiant Heating Systems

Heating systems for homes and businesses are faced with an increasing number of options to consider for their primary and secondary heating. While fire places and coal burning stoves become less popular, other alternative heating methods are quickly becoming more common. Traditional furnaces as a primary heating system are now being challenged from radiant baseboards, radiant floor heating systems and even radiant ceiling heaters. Many of these new heating systems are using electricity instead of natural gas or heating oil.

Space heaters are also becoming a less expensive option to upgrading a poorly insulated home or to add supplemental heat to cold areas. Thermostone heaters and heated towel warmers from Climastar mount to a wall and are a couple of heating systems that have been commonly used in Europe for decades are now gaining acceptance in the United States. Many interior designers are adopting these electric heating systems as fashionable accessories to bathrooms, basements and home offices.

A common challenge to traditional heating systems is the inability to zone your home for specific areas of the home without heating the entire home. Electric radiant heating systems can be easily designed to be independently controlled by zone which enables a home owner to increase the temperature for defined areas of the home during occupancy and conversely allows a particular zone to remain off during down times. This strategy not only saves the home owner money, it gives you complete control to efficiently warm you most used living spaces without comprising cost.

Choosing the best heating system for a new home or to add supplemental heat to a cold spot in your home now takes a little homework. The radiant consultants and designers at Warmzone have been trained in all of the latest heating systems to properly assess your project and prescribe a system that will add value to your home inside of your budget. Contact us by phone or email to learn more about your home heating goals and we will sell you a heating system that works for you.

Support Your Home Heating

Electric Heaters and Wall-Mount Heaters Aid Heating

It never hurts to supplement your home heating. From time to time you’ll catch a draft or realize there is a stingy cold spot in your home that can’t be penetrated with your current home heating system. You can offer support to your home heating system by supplementing the hard work it does with electric heaters or wall-mount heaters.

Climastar decorative wall heater
Climastar heater mounted on wall in livingroom.

ECO-heater electric panel heaters and decorative Climastar wall-mount heaters can target specific areas of your home and inject those smaller spaces with targeted heat designed just for your home’s heating needs. ECO-heaters and Climastar wall-mount heaters are a smart and affordable way to support your home heating. They require a small amount of electricity which is often cheaper than running your furnace at a higher temperature to achieve even warmth throughout your home. You can buy one or seven, depending on how many spaces in your home could use a little heating boost. Even if you need several you can rely on electric heaters to be more cost effective than replacing your entire home heating system. It also helps avoid the headache of tearing your home apart to gain access to the duct work or vents that require attention. Electric heaters offer very specific heat to very specific areas of your home and can aid your current system to achieve its highest potential without working too hard.