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Winter in Philadelphia

Given Philadelphia’s typical winter weather, the city boasts an “army” of snow removal personnel and equipment. Commuters depend on this army to keep roads clear so they can travel to and from work, but homeowners also have the responsibility to do their share of snow removal.

The City Ordinances regarding snow removal in Philadelphia read:
(1) The owner, agent and tenants of any building or premises shall clear a path of not less than 36 inches in width on all sidewalks abutting the building or premises within 6 hours after the snow has ceased to fall. The path shall be thoroughly cleared of snow and ice. Where the width of any pavement measured from the property line to the curb is less than 3 feet, the path cleared may be only 12-inches in width. When the building in question is a multifamily dwelling the owner or his agent shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of this Section. 160 Amended, Bill No. 100752 (approved January 5, 2011).

(2) Snow or ice removed from sidewalks, driveways, or other areas shall not be placed or piled in the street.

(3) Any person who violates this Section shall be subject to the provisions and penalties set forth in § 10-718 and § 10-719.

Given the property owners’ responsibility for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice, Philadelphia residents have been busy these past few winters. The recent record-setting winters have made it difficult for city snow plow drivers as well as homeowners to keep up with the demands of snow removal.

Snowstorm in downtown Philadelphia
A snowstorm descends on downtown Philadelphia.

During the blizzard of 2016, Philadelphia residents experienced the fourth largest snowstorm in the city’s history, receiving 22.4 inches of snow during a massive two-and-a-half-day storm. In fact, several parts of the country experienced record setting storms and snowfall for the winter of 2015-2016. And weather experts expect more of the same for the next several upcoming winters.

But Philadelphia residents have options when it comes to preparing for the next snow season. In addition to having some extra supplies and keeping the cupboards and refrigerator well stocked, some Pennsylvania residents are dumping the snow blower and shovels in favor of radiant heat.

Fully Automated Snow Melting Systems
Warmzone snow melting systems are energy efficient and maintenance free. Not only do these systems eliminate the need for manual snow removal, but they have proven valuable to businesses by keeping entrances and parking areas clear of snow and ice for customers. Providing a safe environment not only enhances business, but reduces the chances of costly litigation as a result of personal injury.

In addition to the silent, maintenance-free operation of radiant heat, electric snow melting systems are fully automated, so they operate only when needed. The system includes an advanced snow sensor that detects temperature and precipitation. When the temperature is below a set point – typically 39° Fahrenheit – it sends power to the embedded heat cable, warming the area and preventing snow accumulation.

As an industry leader, Warmzone snow melting systems feature trusted ClearZone heat cable that is available off the spool or pre-spaced in mats that can be rolled out for easy installation. The electric radiant heating mats are laid out and secured, and then the medium (concrete, pavers, or asphalt) is applied directly over the cable.

The proven ClearZone electric snowmelt system is commonly installed in both commercial and residential applications. From large heated driveways and parking areas to custom sized walkways, ramps and loading docks, ClearZone systems are versatile and can be easily customized.

Warmzone snow melting systems include the heating cable, an activation device (snow sensor), contactor panel, and marker plate (as required by the NEC). These fully automated systems require no maintenance, and are relatively easy to install. In fact, much of the installation can be done by any ambitious homeowner, but wiring the system must be completed by a licensed electrician in order to keep the warranty valid.

In addition to providing the highest quality radiant heating products, Warmzone also offers unmatched customer services. Each system is professionally designed, so you’ll know the exact layout and proper materials, load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and system performance expectations before one foot of heat cable is installed.

Warmzone also includes free installation support services. A dedicated staff of experts is on hand during your installation if you need. Should your installer have any questions while installing the system, he/she can speak with one of our installation experts to resolve any issues. Free installation training is also available. When it comes to customer service, you’ll find that Warmzone is second to none.

Contact Warmzone today and learn more about the radiant heating options that are available. In addition to offering heated driveways and snow melting systems, Warmzone also offers premier roof deicing and floor heating systems. Call 888.488.9276 to learn more.