Are you Ready for a Heat Wave in Winter?

Radiant Heated Floors Mean You Enjoy Heat Year Round

About this time of year, we all start getting twitchy about the cold. The charm of white snowy fields twinkling in the afternoon sun, or snowmen in our neighbor’s yards is starting to wear thin. Sunshine and sand start to seem like a valid prescription from your physician. Sigh. Most of us still have a few months more to endure winter’s icy kiss. If you are like me and crave a heat wave in the middle of winter, read on. Radiant heated floors provide steady, comforting, soothing warmth all year long. It’s true, you can have a mini-heat wave in the privacy of your own home.

Heated floors once seemed like a concept reserved for the days of flying cars and honeymoons on the moon. Thanks to many advances in radiant heat and the common and practical uses of this efficient type of heating, homes are cropping up all over the place with radiant heated floors. Smiling people are waking up everyday to their private heat wave, dressed in nothing but a robe. Socks or slippers need not apply in these homes. Bare toes and skin to floor contact are all the rage. Stepping onto a ComfortTile radiant heated floor just feels good. Having a heated floor may not sound like a substitute to a week in a tropical location, but if you are lucky enough to get somewhere the birds are chirping and the waves are lapping the beach, then coming home won’t seem so bad. After all, you have heated floors now. Can’t you just see yourself smiling about that fact?