Integrate Radiant Heat Seamlessly Throughout Your Home

Radiant Heated Floors May be Retrofitted Beneath Existing Floors

If you feel like it’s too late to jump on the radiant heating trend wagon, have no fear, the wagon is willing to slow down or even stop to allow you to leap for joy onto its willing heated floor. So many homes are being built with radiant floor heating in mind, and there are a number of different systems and ways to install radiant floor heating in your home during construction. That’s great for those building new homes but what about the rest of us living in our existing homes? Those of us who are fully aware that we would love radiant floor heating but also aware that we don’t want to build a new home to achieve the bliss of warm tiled floors.

Radiant heated floors are still within reach. You can retrofit your existing floor with a radiant floor heating system. If you can access the floor joists from below, tile, hardwood and carpet floors can all be fitted with radiant heat. If you are feeling supremely ambitious you can consider having heated floors throughout your entire home. Radiant floor heating provides soothing and efficient heat in whatever area is has been retrofitted too. Radiant heated floors are for everybody nowadays. If you wish you could be a part of this warming trend, call a professional today and find out how to design the proper floor heating system for your home and how to make the installation as pain free as possible.