Radiant Floor Heating – Plain, Simple and Luxurious

Floor Heating Systems are Easier than You Think

When most of us think about our home heating system, we think of a complicated maze of air ducts, furnaces and vents. The installation of a central heating system is well beyond the expertise of the average homeowner, but what about a radiant floor heating system?

Installing radiant heat for heated bathroom floor

Advances in radiant heat technology have come a long way since radiant under floor heating was first introduced, and electric floor heating systems are environmentally friendly because they run more efficiently than the average furnace and run independent of harmful fossil fuels.

On top of all that, radiant heat provides unparalleled comfort and even-heating. Forced air cannot compete with the steady and efficient warmth put forth by radiant heated floors. A common misconception about radiant heating is that it can only go beneath hard surfaces such as tile. While heated tile floors are indeed great options for radiant heat, they are not the only option available.

Heated bathroom floor

Warmzone has several electric radiant floor heating solutions for virtually any type of flooring. You can even do most of the floor heating installation yourself. If you want to start small with a bathroom, electric radiant heating systems make it easy to heat small areas. Each room has its own thermostat, so you can heat only where you want, without having to waste in other parts of your home. Because radiant floor heating is so plain and simple, the plain and simple fact is that you’ll want radiant heat for your entire home!