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Roof Deicing Protects Homes in Buffalo, New York

Roof Deicing and Gutter Trace Systems Eliminate Dangerous Ice Hazards

Known for its beauty as well as its extreme winter weather, neighborhoods in Buffalo, New York are all too familiar with snow and dangerous icicles forming on the roofs of homes and businesses. Installing a roof snow melting system always seemed like the ideal solution, but perceived by many as an unattainable luxury, most resorted to manually removing heavy ice and snow from roofs and gutters. However, as consumers learn about the benefits and affordability of roof deicing systems, more and more homeowners in Buffalo, are now finding heated roofs to be the safest, most reliable solution to protect their buildings and ensure safety for pedestrians.

A mountain lodge in dire need of a roof deicing system

Safety for family and friends is always at the forefront of our minds. Ice dams and icicles that form in the winter months cause unnecessary hazards that most homeowners aren’t willing to put up with. Icicles can easily dislodge, fall, and injure a person standing below. Ice dams cause expensive damage to roofs, and possibly the interior of homes if leaking or structural damage occurs. Installing roof deicing heat cables is a simple and cost-effective way to prevent the winter hazards associated with living in Buffalo.

Roof heat can easily be added to your roof eaves, thereby eliminating ice and snow in those areas. Heated roofs keep your home perimeter safe and reduce the risk of costly repairs that come with the destructive powers of winter.

Protecting your home, roof, and loved ones with a roof deicing system offers freeze protection throughout the harsh winter months. Many homeowners in Buffalo, New York are praising the peace of mind that comes from the protection that roof snow melting systems provide. Warmzone offers roof heating systems and gutter trace heat cable for all types of applications and roofing surfaces, including new construction, remodeling, or existing roofs.